Wyze cam v2 and cam+

I am no longer able to view my camera’s events with the cam plus subscription. I saw the message that informs that this problem is known and I reset my filters but I do not see the events anymore. I also restart the camera. How can I restore functionality?

I just noticed that my camera is now detecting motion since restarting.

Can I set up a rule that restarts the camera every day? Is it a good practice? Is there a way to monitor this and automate the restoration of the service?


Yes you can set up a rule in the app for this. It is the ONLY rule I’ve ever created there. Mine is nightly. I only did it a few months ago when the camera appeared to be working but was not processing any events.

It would actually be cleaner to restart via a smart plug but I still haven’t gotten around to it.

Monitoring is another kettle of fish.