2.15 app beta test 10/27/2020


  • iOS: 2.15.11(3)
  • Android: 2.15.11


  • Added support for Wyze Cam v3
  • Added support for Wyze Headphones
  • Added support for a custom motion detection zone (firmware update required and available tomorrow)
  • Added support for Cam Plus with Wyze Cam Outdoor (firmware version 4.17.0. 181 required)
  • Added support for fast forward with Cam Plus Event videos
  • Added Wyze Band, Lock, and Scale to the bulk firmware update page
  • Updated Wyze Support in the Account page
  • Upgraded the video player


  • Wyze Cam Outdoor with Cam Plus
  • Fast forward with Cam Plus Event videos
  • The custom detection zone (available after a firmware update)
  • The new video player daily use performance
  • Wyze Band, Lock, and Scale in the bulk firmware update page


  • The new video player may cause some viewing issues or may not work with the iOS 14 beta version.
  • The Wyze Scale firmware version may not accurate in the bulk firmware update page

Just updated and now I cannot log in. Its telling me too many failed attempts but it was just working on the stable build.

Working fine on IOS

The time for the events finally coincides when you click playback. (iOS) Problem solved​:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

just waiting for the update to show up in the App Store. I assume it takes time to render across all their servers

I had hopes (again) that wyze had finally fixed the problem with live streaming V1 cameras, But of course no. If wyze is abandoning any support for V1 cameras at least have the nerve to admit it.

@WyzeAndy, it also fixed this:

@WyzeAndy I know that this is a known issue but just wanted to let you know that I am unable to load and play any event clips. I am running the iOS software so it’s messed up so I went back to the official Wyze app for now. Hopefully this will be fixed soon:)

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My Scale is 1.1.4 but the firmware update page is incorrect. I clicked update, was redirected to the Scale page, dug into settings and Device Info. Clicked the 1.1.4 and get a message the firmware is up to date

Please do fix this soon!


Im on android and when I tap an event notification it opens the app but the event doesnt play, instead the app closes (but not before marking the event as read). If I tap the event from the events page it plays fine.

Log 53823

Edit: its being super wonky when I try to zoom on a video as well. (If video is paused, it will not zoom. If video is playing, it will zoom but then when you pause it it resets.) Also if I try to screenshot while its playing the play arrow shows up in the photo.

Not sure what caused the lockout after upgrading to the beta app but learned in the process that Wyze doesnt have a manual way to unlock accounts. I was told to wait an hour and try again and if that didnt work to wait 24 hours and change my password. I waited an hour and changed my password. Everything is working fine now.

Wyze really needs to address the ability to manually unlock accounts when calling into support. Being locked out of the app and not getting notifications from cams and sensors for long periods of time is a big security concern.

Wyze Scale firmware is in sync now

Looking forward to this.

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Me too, has the new f/w shown up yet? My v2’s are at

Not yet. Supposed to be today sometime. So, probably tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:

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should have not upgraded…

person detection is gone
and name your price option ended on oct 9th

already hv two cam plus, produce too much videos

and now hv to spend over $150 year on subscription, …,
what a joke, the cheapest become The most expensive as there is no cap.

what’s the link for eufy camera?

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Over $150 a year for two subscriptions? That’s >$6.25 a month per sub.
You must have gotten the Early Bird Special. :slightly_smiling_face:
You should pay annually, $14.99 a year ($1.25 a month) per sub.

i hv 2 cam plus subscriptions and 8 more w/o subscription, 4 v3 on order

can u help me calculate how much i need to pay yearly?

each year subscription fee is enough to buy 3 new eufy cameras, so in a few years it will break even, maybe i can sell used v2 for $5 each

even Ring is capped at $100 a year?


Me too! I can’t wait to customize the camera detection zone :slight_smile: hopefully this will help with tons of motion detection because of a moving tree branch. If only I could use the beta app… I really hope they fix the issue with iOS beta soon. Right now I have to use the official Wyze app.