Wyze app 2.43 Release Candidate & Cam Pan v3 Firmware Beta Test 6/26/2023

2.43 App Release Candidate


  • Android: 2.43.0.b309
  • iOS: 2.43.0 (9)

What’s New:

  • Added support for multiple options in push notification sounds
  • Bug fixes

Wyze Cam Pan v3 Beta


What’s New:

  • Improved Wi-Fi connection logs
  • Fixed an issue that caused continuous recording to a microSD card failure
  • Fixed a bug that prevented recognition and recording of Events
  • Fixed a position reset failure bug that occurred after the camera was turned on

Just installed the new Beta app on my iPad. The issue with background audio immediately cutting off whenever the Wyze app was launched has been corrected. Thanks.


Installing the iOS version now. Waiting for the app to become available on Android.

Firmware updates don’t seem to be available yet.


Got the Android App and did basic testing, primarily with AI. seems to be functioning properly again:

Here is what is working for me now:

  • Being able to select corrected Tags in the event video
  • Filtering based on AI Tags
  • Notifications and tagging of events seem to be correct now. NOTE: Seems as though all previous events are tagged correctly as well.

So far, things are looking great. :slight_smile:


Pan Cam v3 is now available. Did the install via the Firmware Update page. No issues at all. Took a little longer than I expected, but it installed and is functioning as expected. Will need to test the features now.


Yes, this RC does so far correct almost all the issues I noticed caused by the previous beta. :relieved:

  • Fixed the weird black menu on the Scale UI that blocked the settings access
  • Allows corrective tags when submitting events to Wyze
  • AI filters in Events tab now work correctly
  • AI tags show up correctly
  • So far the app isn’t crashing as often as it was
  • Android App now shows all 3 Sound options
  • Floor Lamp icon works for me
  • Friendly Faces Tab doesn’t crash the app anymore (see concern below though)


  • Friendly Faces no longer crashes the app, but it is now completely blank (Android).
    • EDIT: See spamoni4’s post below. He found that Friendly Faces works on iOS but not Android, indicating that it is just an oversight/bug

Overall a HUGE improvement over the previous beta. This RC could go public and not be a complete nightmare. :joy:

Thanks to all the Beta testers reporting all the discovered problems in the previous beta. :+1:


Yea, saw the same with Friendly Faces on Android. On iOS it seems to work

@WyzeAndy @WyzeJasonJ

here is what we see on Android for Friendly Faces:

An Empty Screen

on iOS it works fine.

Log Submitted: 1091626


Ah, so it is probably just an oversight then. Hopefully they will fix that before launch to public.

If anyone has Cam Protect on Android, can you see if Friendly Faces works for you still on this RC app, or does it not work for you either? (I have HMS, so I am not allowed to use Cam Protect to verify this).


Im seeing Wyze Locks showing an incorrect status of “offline” on the device list page.

Log ID: 1091728
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iOS 17 Developer Beta #2


Nice Catch! I confirm this in iOS only. Locks show up offline in iOS, but show up correctly as online in Android.


Thanks! Also, bad image choice btw…… Android is garbage :smiley:


Captured in 4K on Discord:


Context unnecessary. Image saved forever and about to be uploaded to Tenor with your username and Android as the main keywords. :joy:

But seriously, lets find any other bugs or things to report to them before they launch this to public! I am really glad they fixed everything we reported from the previous beta, because it had me nervous for a minute.

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Will this app update offer new notification sounds

Yes, it now has 3 sound options plus the default system sound.

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Thanks , is this the app update also offering dark mode…:eyes::eyes::eyes:

Android garbage? Seriously? Grow up.

He doesn’t really mean it. He and I are good friends and joke around with each other about this

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Latest beta still killing audio already playing - gone back to 2.42 which does not do this

Can you elaborate a bit on this?

Are you saying, if you are playing music and then start the app, the music will stop playing?

Yes exactly that - as reported in earlier versions of 2.43.

Thanks, I will check on mine. I have Android and iOS to test with.

Can you submit a log and I will try to get some eyes on this.

Can’t promise anything as I am a community member as you, but will see what I can do. :slight_smile:

Already submitted on the thread I pointed you to.