2.35 App Beta Test 8/31/2022


  • Android: 2.35.0.b76
  • iOS: 2.35.0(3)

What’s New:

  • Added support for Cam Plus Pro for Wyze Cam Pan v2
  • Updated the UI for the Wyze Home Monitoring shared user screen
  • Updated the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Device Notification and Event Recording pages to remove inconsistencies
  • Fixed an inconsistency between the web and app versions of the Wyze Thermostat compatibility checker
  • Fixed a live stream page issue when changing from portrait to landscape mode (Android)
  • Fixed UI on the Add Camera page (iOS)
  • Bug fixes

CPP on pan cam v2! Nice!

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Installed on iOS without issues. Waiting for it to become available for Android.

No issues on IOS :+1:

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Like spamoni4, Installed fine on iOS, waiting for it to appear on Android.
Good news! It no longer was bitching that an update was needed.


Is the pixelation ever going to be fixed? I’ve submitted several logs, and posted sample videos.

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Same issues as 2.34.x.x

Definite Benefit :slight_smile:

It’s out there now

Since we are heading in to heating season again, Any chance it has the update for the thermostat to give real usage data? I was told it would be in last years update, it never happened so I’m hoping it’s in this one. ( what good is a “smart” thermostat that doesn’t give any feedback? )


The change log above does not state that. The change log included with app releases outline what’s included in that release.

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Shortcut rules not working using iOS. The beta app 2.35.0(b3) installed automatically. However, the cam Actions of my shortcut rules no longer work when first selected. The rest of the Actions within the same shortcut rule do work when the rule first selected. When I follow-up and select the same shortcut, the cam Actions work immediately. They never used to work like this. It does not help to clear the cache or to sign out and force close the app. All of the shortcuts with cam Actions are behaving the same way.
Log 706105

Have you tried to create another shortcut with the same actions to see if it works. Sometimes recreating them may work.

Tried it with a new cam shortcut. Same behavior. No action on first try. It worked the second time.
Perhaps WYZE did something when they created the “I’m Home” and “I’m Away” shortcuts. I created my own months ago using the WYZE shortcut icons for Home and Away.

Interesting. Definitely submit a log and post it here for Wyze to review.

Possible issue with the Beta Release in comparison between iOS and Android. I was doing a general comparison and noticed the Friendly Faces is missing from iOS. Below you will see the images:

iOS                                                Android


Same here.

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