Wyze app 2.9.x beta for V2 and Pan (02/26/2020)

Hi beta testers,

Today, we have another 2.9 beta version for you all to test.

Android: 2.9.26
iOS: 2.9.20

(It may take 1-24 hours until the app show you app store)

What’s new for the app:

  • Added person detection feedback
  • Added support for Wyze Cam v2 and Pan upgrades to 4.X.5.105 firmware
  • Fixed app crash issues for some users when using hardware decoder (Android only)
  • Wyze Lock improvements
  • Bug fixes

We also have new Wyze Cam v2 and Pan firmware for beta testing.

Firmware versions:

Wyze Cam v2:
Wyze Cam Pan:

Release notes:

  • Fixed a Google Nest Hub streaming bug
  • Fixed a bug preventing some Wyze Cam Pans from detecting motion

Suggested test areas:

  • Cloud AI accuracy
  • Hardware decoder (Android only)
  • Google Nest Hub streaming


Hi! I have a notification on my wyze cam pan “new firmware” but… in “what’s news” … no news :thinking:


Hi @a.santinelli. Wyze doesn’t put release notes out publicly for the beta app and firmware. I have moved your question to the relevant thread in the #beta category. You can find what you’re looking for at the beginning of this thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dread :blush:

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oh cool! Nest Hub testing! I’ll try this when I get home.

Was able to capture what I’m experiencing with my First Gen Google Nest Hub. I have to trigger it twice for the feed to show.

Quick Note: 2 Factor is enabled on my account.

On February 28th, one of my Wyze Cam v2 stopped detecting any motion or sound. It’s not triggering any recording. My other Cam v2 and cam pan are detecting just fine. All are on WyzeBeta and using the latest firmware. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hi @Natalie_pantoja. Because your question was about beta firmware, I have moved it to this thread. Also, I would recommend submitting a log to the devs through the app so they can investigate the issue you’re seeing.

You can submit a request from within the Wyze app by going to Account > Help & Feedback > Submit a Log. This method will allow you to send an app log for diagnosis as well as report your issue. (Note that if you are using a beta version of the app, the log will be sent to the dev team rather than Wyze Support and will not generate a support request.)

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Logs sent. User error.