New Firmware for V2

Does anyone know where I can find the release notes for this new firmware? My cameras just upgraded to this and I can’t seem to get any info on this. Is this beta firmware (I just installed a the TestFlight beta for IOS).

It must be a beta firmware, but my cameras all show up to date at even with the Android beta app. When I open the TestFlight version on my iPad it shows the firmware update to

Beta firmware usually gets release notes in the Beta section of the forums with the official release notes posted in the Support section when the firmware is released publicly.

I can’t find a reference to anywhere on the forum, so maybe it hasn’t been announced yet, not even in the Beta group?

I did notice the firmware revision page is down ATM. Maybe something is brewing.

As usual , It’s on FB but not on the forum

[Wendy Innis] for V2 cameras, the newest beta version Is, for Pan Cameras, the newest beta version is


Does it say what’s new/fixed in this firmware?

I couldn’t find anything either. The link you posted above results in a “oops… You’re not authorized to access this page” message!

They might post it later today here in the Beta section

Yeah, I said “I did notice the firmware revision page is down ATM. Maybe something is brewing.” That’s the firmware revision page.

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Continuing the discussion from New Firmware for V2:

Dear Wyze users, release notes of Firmware for V2 are as follows:
— Adjusted the AI person detection algorithm
— Reduced false person detection alerts from pets
— Improved the stability of the AI model
— Bug Fixes



Thanks for posting Wendy!

You are welcome!

Thanks @Wendy

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As of 9/15 my Wyze Cam v2 is still at version .108 (not .169) and says no updates avsilable.

Take note , this is the beta section so if you’re not in the beta program you already have the most up to date firmware and you can disregard this post and whole section.

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Sorry… didn’t realize where I was!!



it happens to the best of us. thanks for stopping in though :grinning:

No biggie , won’t be be the first time I didn’t know where I was at and it won’t be the last :wink:

As long as you know that you know that you don’t know where you are…
Hey - join the group -share the pain (oops -fun).
Become A Beta Tester

Hmmm. I am a beta tester and if there was a beta firmware release, I didn’t get it. Both of my cameras are still showing as being on version