2.29 app, Cam v2, Cam Pan, Cam v3, Cam Pan v2 firmware Beta Test 3/3/2022


  • iOS: 2.29.0 (19)
  • Android:


  • Added support for switching between fisheye and standard mode for Wyze Video Doorbell Pro
  • Added icons to Events for Wyze Video Doorbell Pro
  • Added support for Smart Schedule recommendations based on Wyze Robot Vacuum cleaning
  • Added support for custom date ranges when exporting Wyze Scale S data
  • Fixed several color display errors for Wyze Light Strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro
  • Fixed UI bugs for Wyze Leak and Climate Sensors
  • Fixed a crashing bug when selecting Smart Detection in Event Recording (iOS)
  • Fixed a crashing bug when downloading Wyze Cam Outdoor time-lapse videos (iOS)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented muting audio when playing Wyze Video Doorbell Events (iOS)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented changing Wyze Climate Sensor names (iOS)
  • Fixed a setup bug for Wyze Sense Motion Sensor (Android)
  • Fixed a sharing bug for Wyze Home Monitoring (Android)

Camera Firmware Version:

  • Cam v2:
  • Cam Pan:
  • Cam v3:
  • Cam Pan v2:


  • Security improvements


  • Cam v3 & Cam Pan v2 Smoke and CO alarms may become insensitive and inconsistent

[Mod Edit]: Removed embedded space from version numbers to enhance search clarity.


I’m excited for these. I hope Wyze will consider doing this for cams in the future. I like the option of choosing fisheye or standard mode!

@R.Good dies this fix your single led issue? Maybe it was just a bug?

I’ve only used this once, but it does help me feel good knowing I can get notifications for alarms. I hope this gets fixed.


What is meant by this?


App Installed without issue on Android Pixel 6 and iPhone Xs. Loving the new VDBP features. I was never a fan of Fish eye and knowing it can be switched is awesome. Currently installing the FW updates.

EDIT - I finished updating all FW on my Camera’s. FW Took without issue or errors. Now testing begins. So far so good.

Really loving the VDBPro enhancements.


Updated app on a few phones and tablets and firmware on a subset of v2, v3 and CP2 cams.

Not reported in What’s New:

  • Home Monitoring Trends graph is fixed for Week, Month and Year under Android if you use the left/right arrow icons. Swiping graph or Week/Month/Year value still broken.

Can’t test “Fixed a setup bug for Wyze Sense Motion Sensor (Android)” because Sense Hub firmware has introduced the inability to add and reset sensors (among other things).


Same here, :wink: Strategically picking Beta Devices.
All updated without issue for those selected.

I would also like to point out… the new Beta Release has resolved this bug. #fix-it-friday for the win.


A first V3 didn’t patch… haven’t tried power cycling it again but am holding off on further patching of my V3s… a V2 patched. I’m gonna wait it out a few days. Definitely not patching a remote location with that V3 experience until I am on-prem there in a week or so.

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This is the second time the Beta App release isn’t being pushed to me through Google for some reason. I don’t know why, but I am sad. Google says I am a Beta Tester for the Wyze App:

but it isn’t sending me the Beta updates for the last 2 times one was released. :sob:

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App, V3s, V1 Pans updated without issue. V2 failed bulk update first try required a second go.

Samsung Galaxy S10+
Android 12 OneUI 4.1

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Updated no issues with V2 and app.

I am also not seeing it. Wonder if there is a android version tag or requirement that is being set incorrectly when they publish the betas.

Edit - beta showed up today.

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It would be nice to get this bug fixed eventually. Log 491150.

Also, I’m getting sideways wired video doorbell event notifications on my Galaxy active watch.


Rolling back to 2.28.2 (24) that works.

My WCO’s at two different sites and ISPs don’t work on this version (2.29).

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Outdoor cams have no video on 2.29 on iOS. It just sticks on getting video. Rolling back to 2.28 fixed the problem. Also works fine on Android 2.28.

Issue trying to add color bulb using iOS Beta 2.29 on iPhone. Bulb and app complete adding device but then app cannot control or update. Light stays on in green color. Tired all 4 bulbs from new box with same results. Used iPad, deleted Beta and downloaded 2.28.2 (still says “beta”) from Apple App Store and added bulb with no problem. Submitted log 494907

Just a heads up, we’ve released 2.28.2 to the beta channel so you folks get some critical fixes ahead of the cloud storage changes rolling back out in the next few days. You folks might end up on an “older” version than what’s listed in the OP, but please try not to be on the current 2.29.0 beta versions when the cloud storage changes happen so you can avoid running into issues.

We’ll release another version of 2.29 in the next few days that has all of the 2.28.2 fixes and all of the 2.29 features at once so you can get back to beta testin’. :slight_smile:


great update wise team! thanks

I switched a while back to the App Store version on my iPad and the beta from TestFlight only on my iPhone so I could compare. Right now, I got 2.29 on iPhone and it seems fine so far. Meanwhile, I got 2.28.2 from the App Store that is actually showing the title as WyzeBeta, although it doesn’t have the orange dot. Not sure if it’s a goof up, an artifact from having a beta previously on the iPad or if you intended to put a beta in the App Store. Just got a feeling some who got no idea about beta testing might find it disconcerting to see their App Store app show up as a beta.


Just noticed this today. When toggling Fisheye On and Off you lose Advanced Settings (if on) of Logo and Time stamps "when toggling fisheye Off.

Fisheye ON (Logo and time stamps are viewable) -------- Fisheye Off (Logo and timestamps do not display)


Glad you posted the images, made me realize the pro may not be worth an upgrade for me. Looks like very little view expansion if you compare the perimeter of the two views. I was sort of thinking fisheye view might show more of the area directly below where I cannot see packages, it’s clear now this version is only a little bit better.