Video doorbell pro camera range has changed?

So I noticed that my video doorbell pro had an update that I needed to install the other day. Updated it. And didn’t think much of it.

Was looking at some playback last night and noticed that the “shape” of the video has changed. Live view and playback used to be round in shape, and are now square/rectangle.

While it now looks cleaner, and fits inside the parameters of your device shape better, you do lose some of the range of the lens.

Has anyone else noticed this? I checked the log of the update summaries, and they don’t mention the change to the camera field of view.

This is what it used to look like before my last update.

Seem to have found my own solution! In the doorbell settings is a button to switch between round and square view… Update must have defaulted to square view.


Welcome to the forum @pjharding76

Wyze added a feature that allows you to toggle between a fisheye or standard view.

From the Video Doorbell Pro screen click the “More” icon (…)

You can change the view settings with the below button that toggles between the fisheye and standard view.


Also, as is on the picture from R.Good… the timestamp goes away… I was wondering where mine went until I read this thread!

Good eye. I noticed this as well and provided feedback in the Beta test thread