Doorbell Pro Fisheye Recordings

Hello! I just set up my new Doorbell Pro. I changed the display for live view to be a rectangle aspect ratio instead of the circular fisheye effect by clicking the more 3 dots icon, then switching to the square from the circle. However, when viewing event recordings the lens applies the fisheye effect. I was wondering if this is by design or not? Thanks.

Welcome @astralpictures

The Event Playback will be the real aspect ratio on the Doorbell pro. However, you can double tap on the image while playing and it will switch to the rectangular image as well.

The rectangular view is actually a little zoom so that the corners are filled in.

Thanks for the info! It looks like double tapping on recordings zooms in more than the rectangular view in the live view. And either way, if I share or download the video it gives the fisheye view. I only asked because it’s so distorted on the edges, and aesthetically looks much better with a regular field of view.