Doorbell Pro - Pro / Con - Community feedback?

Got the Doorbell Pro… Have a couple issues that I want to share and get feedback from others before submitting a ticket.


  • Great Camera View - captures much more than the basic doorbell. Weird fish-eye view at first but there is a button to go full screen in the app.
  • Detection is working fine (person, package, vehicle).
  • Wireless (I’m not using it though).


  • Detect Person “Rule” doesn’t work at all… this may be my issue but curious if anyone has a Detect Person Rule to “Turn on Porch Light” for example. Mine don’t run. Detect Motion & Doorbell press rules run just fine.
  • Christmas Ringtone(s) don’t run on the chime in the house. Only phone.
  • Friendly Face detection not working. It was on basic Doorbell.
  • You can’t watch a recorded event video in full-screen like you can in the Live view. You can only watch it in fish-eye view.

What is everyone else seeing?


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Im seeing that “power saving” has to be turned off in every instance of the app and is not a setting in the actual camera. ( im hard wired ) and color is much better with power saving off. I had to go into wife’s, kids, iPads, my phone and turn off power save in each. Seems like PS is an app setting and not a camera setting.

Also the pro doesn’t show up under the bulk firmware update area.

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This was fixed today with the Beta update today.:


  • You can’t watch a recorded event in full-screen like you can the Live View… only fish-eye view. FIXED!!
  • Christmas Ringtone(s) don’t run on the chime in the house. Only phone. - FIXED

Meant to respond to this… I did a quick toggle of power saving and checked the image but didn’t see a discernable difference. Pixel 3XL - Android 12.

I only spent about 30 seconds on it so I didn’t dig deep. Probably would have to give it a few days with that setting on to thoroughly test it.


No motion alerts on Chime and also no motion alerts via Alexa, as with Ring. Doorbell Pro goes in the drawer until they get this implemented. Its a must for me.

On the left edge of the original Wyze doorbell view from my side door has activities from the street as cars pass by. I had to heavily zone out the left side to eliminate the *false activations. I was cautious with the doorbell pro not having the zone mask feature. but pleasantly surprised the AI through Cam+ ignore them for me.

With the fisheye lens, it sees a lot more of the street on the side, but those activities are not an issue.

I still would prefer a SD card option so I could check between event activations.

My doorbell pro is hardwired to transformer power, and I am glad I don’t need to dismount it from to time to recharge the internal batteries. Just afraid those four small hooks on the mounting would break off. They looks too flimsy.


  • flimsy, cheap mount
  • it’s massive. I don’t need the battery but I’m stick with a monstrous doorbell.
  • the blue beacon is ridiculously bright, visible from super far away (like hundreds of yards) with no settings to control it.
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Isn’t that part of some other package now? Maybe Cam Plus Pro or somethng?