Video Doorbell Pro misses motion events

I have a Cam+ subscription for my Video Doorbell Pro. I have it set to record motion events with AI events of Person and Pacckage only. This works fine most of the time, but occasionally events are totally missed (not detected or recorded). These are obvious events like a person walking up and delivering a package right in front of the doorbell. Any way to troubleshoot why these are missed?

Need more information as to your devices, use case and setup before focused recommendations can be made

What actual app version are you using?
What actual firmware version is on the camera?
What are your motion and detection settings set to?
How is your VDBPro mounted and what is it’s view of your door approach?
Are your filters in your event tab all removed so that all events are seen?

These plus any further relevant info will help the folks here come up with some stuff for you. Thanks in advance!

Answers below. Thanks.

I think it might be a connectivity issue because a few times I got a “Problems connecting to your server” error when starting up the app to check why a recording was missed. I have moved the chime closer to the doorbell so will see if that helps.

Still happening after I moved the chime closer. I also tried to increase the detection sensitivity all the way to 5 and still events are being missed right in front of the camera! The video doorbell apparently is not reliable enough to stick with Wyze. Unfortunately, I just got rid of my Ring cameras.