Doorbell cam no longer recording clips

It’s been almost a week and my doorbell cam has not recorded any event clips.

I am able to see live streaming, but I cannot find anything from my doorbell cam event clips on my app.

Anyone else having similar issues?


Yes same issue here. Other devices are all working well except doorbell. All up to date with app version and firmware

How are you trying to find the events, via the Filter or scrolling. When I filter, I seem to not always get the VDB Pro events but if I turn off the filters and scroll through the list, I do see them.

Also, is this the VDB Pro or V1?

I purchsed mine in late 2020.

Why cannot I reset the doorbell cam?

I press reset and nothing happens.

The Wyze app still shows the doorbell cam app working normally?

Is there a fix for this? My brand new doorbell cam pro is not recording most events. I can stand right in front of doorbell cam pro and nothing is recorded. Live view works fine.