Wyze app keeps turning off "Record motion events"

Incredibly frustrating problem. After working very well since I installed it a couple of months ago, in recent days I wake up to find no events recorded from the Doorbell Pro. It’s not the internet switching off because my Wyze porch cam is recording events. When I go into the app for the Doorbell Pro, the “record motion events” tab is off, even though I have repeatedly put it back to “on”. Any ideas before I spend time going through support?

Try clearing the app cache in account > app settings. Then force close the app. See if it continues.

How often does this happen?

Thanks will do. It is now happening every day, or almost every day.

Sad to report the app is still turning off the record motion events. I’m going to delete and reinstall the app while waiting for Wyze support to get back to me.

Does it turn off at a certain time? Are you letting the camera connect to a live view before you go into the settings? I’ve seen it where if you go into settings before the camera is connected to a live view, the settings don’t populate correctly as if you’re not connected to the camera yet. Do you have any rules set up?

Thanks, I know what you mean. When I first go to settings it looks like nothing is clicked and then the settings appear. But I don’t think that’s the issue. I go to bed ensuring “record motion events” is checked and wake up to find no events were recorded and the button is unchecked. Wyze has advised me to check all my settings, which I have, and to powercycle the doorbell, which I will. Failing that I think I’ll have to try a factory reset. It’s very frustrating because I originally had an Arlo doorbell and went through hell with that and ditched it for Wyze, which for a while worked great.

Did you ever find a solution? This has been happening to me for months now. Almost every day. I’ve tried all of the suggestions from the support team with no luck. I’m about ready to remove myself from Beta testing the app to see if that helps, but I’m not holding my breath.

I tried everything, there was no fix. Wyze offered to replace my Doorbell Pro and there has been no problem with the replacement

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This has also been happening to me. It’s not every day, but definetly a few days a week I go into my events, notice there has been no events, when there should be, and then I go to settings of my cameras, go into event detection, and have to click it back on. It’s super annoying. I just created a rule in hopes that will fix it, but i’ve had these a year this christmas and haven’t had a problem prior to the last few weeks.

This is happening to me also - record motion events constantly turning off.
What is really worrying is there is a picture showing of a guy in my garden and drive when I first look at the camera then it goes off when live. There are no recordings from two key cameras as record motion events is off AGAIN!! Come on Wyze - come up with a solution please- it’s a security issue.

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