Wyze cams detect motion but will not record or log in events tab

Has anyone experienced wyze cameras detecting motion but not recording to the sd card if installed or cam plus events. I currently have 5 cameras which include 1 Pam Cam V1, 3 Wyze Cam v3, and 1 Doorbell Pro. Two of the cameras have a cam plus subscription the others have sd cards installed except for the Doorbell Pro. All camera except the doorbell pro are on the latest firmware version. I have tested the cameras to see if there actually picking up motion by using motion tagging and it seems that all of the camera are picking up motion but will not log the motion. I have tried hard reset on the cameras (forgetting the camera and re connecting to app) but nothing has worked. From what I can tell my cam plus cameras stopped logging motion on the events tab on August 3rd. The doorbell pro cam does record and I also have a shared camera from another account that is logging motion when I filter it in the events tab. I am trying to find the root of the problem whether its the app (updated to current version), the firmware of the camera, or maybe internet issue. Does anyone have any ideas? I was on the phone with wyze support for over 2 hours and they are not even sure. They said their service team would get back with me and its been over a week. All they have done is given me $15 for another subscription which is pointless when the camera will no log motion.

Is smart detection on ?

Settings> event recording> smart detection

Have you tried clearing all filters in the events tab ?

Yes smart detection is and set for people, vehicles, and pets. Yes to your other question to about filtering. The wyze technicians had me do that.

So theres nothing in your sd card or events tab? Is your sd card set to continous or events only?

You hit the hourglass and hit clear all already,

Your event recording and detection settings are right?

To answer your question Ieatbeans yes that was all correct. I actually did what I thought had no effect on the problem and that was to change from my new router back to my old router. After doing so everything was back to normal. Cameras with sd cards were recording to the card and the cameras with cam plus were recording footage to the events tab. I would like to know how the router has affects this,

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Interesting, does your new router have a 2.4 and 5ghz bands on the same ssid? I would try splitting them, or set your cams up again and make sure your phones on the 2.4ghz when setting up. Also, try disabling the 5ghz for a bit and then set them back up.

Yep new router has a 2.4GHZ and a 5GHZ bands just like the old one. They are both orbi mesh systems ones just a newer system. I did use the same SSID and password would that have anything to do with it?. Some other item in my house wouldn’t connect to new router either, After hooking up old one they all work.

Good info that other devices had trouble as well, so it’s definitely something weird with your new router.

Try disabling the 5ghz temporarily and setting the cameras up again (don’t delete from app, just hit setup button) and see if it works again.

I should try that. I figured that the camera would not even function or connect if it was on the 5GHZ network. I was able to connect and view real time footage with the other router. Wondering if security settings or having the same SSID on both routers

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Ssid the same should be fine, if you have weird security stuff on your new one that can definitely mess stuff up