Doorbell cam not detecting any motion

Seems that at some point since Halloween my doorbell cam lost the ability to detect motion or record any events that are not doorbell rings. Anyone else have this happening?

Yes, same exact issue. Doorbell stopped working on Halloween and had to be rebooted - since then it’s practically useless.

My doorbell is doing the same thing. Did either of you receive any suggestions or a fix for this?

Welcome to the forums! What are your event recording, detection and sensitivity settings for the camera? What color does the status light show? What have you tried for troubleshooting? What for ware version is on the camera and what app version are you using?

I am having the same issue since about the same time.
Event Recording - All Day
Motion Detection - On
Sensitivity - 60%
Status Light - Solid Blue
I have restarted the Camera, Deleted and Re-Added it. Turned off Detection and back on. Doorbell notification and capture works fine, but other event detection and recording does not.
Firmware version

Mine was doing same thing after updated. And now after AWS, it won’t even work. Support could not help after all their diagnostics . New camera on order.
With sideways Alexa show pictures, I am considering a Ring camera with 2.4 and 5 ghz capability. With my mesh system it is almost impossible to get the Wyze problems after updates to doorbell working again. Spend hours trying to make these work.

I got prompted to update my firmware today. New version is and Motion Detection appears to have been restored.

Thank you