Wyze doorbell no longer sending detection notifications

I have a Wyze wired doorbell with chime that has worked flawlessly since I purchased it in July. A few weeks ago it randomly stopped sending detection notifications. I double checked the app and it is set to send notifications.

I’ve tried resetting the camera and repairing it to my app, and turning the detection sensitivity up to 100 and it still will not send detection notifications to my phone.

I’m suspecting this might be due to a firmware upgrade. The firmware version i’m currently using is Am I able to re-flash this firmware (or an older one)? Is anyone else having this issue with the doorbell? I previously reached out to customer support on the phone and they had me submit a log ticket - 3453347 and was told this was a current known issue. Is this still being worked on?

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I am having the same issues as you are since updating to Firmware Have you heard anything back from Wyze?

Not yet. I’m glad to hear someone else is having the same issue.

i have the same problem. they could not help me and didn’t even tell me there was a problem. to be honest after having several issues with the 7 cams i have i not very happy with the service anymore. i am tired of reinstalling the cams on top of several other issues.


Since upgrading firmware to last week, I am also having problems with one of my two Doorbell cameras V1. One doorbell has CamPlus and has not recorded any events since the update. The other doorbell without CamPlus correctly records motion events. Today, I decided to try moving the CamPlus to the second doorbell and test it. It worked and recorded a Person event. I swapped CamPlus back to the original doorbell and will now wait to see if it records events successfully.

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My v1 wired doorbell records events just fine, I just do not get notifications that it did so. The doorbell button will send a notification, just not the motion detection.

This morning, my Wyze wired doorbell started sending me sound notifications when motion was detected. Anyone else have any luck with theirs?

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Mine is working now also as of this morning

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It appears mine is working as well also. Thank you Wyze team!

Mine is working but the notification and image are sideways. Anyone else?

yes they are sideways for me as well

Posted in another thread from a VDBv1 test moments ago:

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Still sideways. Not sure what that other thread is but please fix? It started after the firmware update.

I ran into a similar situation of notifications not working on one of my Wyze Cam V3s. In my case it was because my free month of Cam Plus expired and I switched to Cam Plus Lite, but I still had the smart detection events and notifications on from the regular Cam Plus.

Trying to flip off those settings didn’t work… I actually needed to assign the regular Cam Plus subscription back onto it (luckily I had an annual subscription on a different V2 camera), turn off all the smart detection/plus notifications on the V3, and then switch Cam Plus back to my other V2 and finally re-add Cam Plus Lite to my V3.

Not sure if this has anything to do with your issue, but if so that’s what I had to do to fix my notifications.

The other thread is the thread that Wyze is monitoring because that is the Topic they posted in the Wyze News category announcing the Firmware Release for the VDBv1.

I posted a screenshot showing that my VDBv1 is delivering notifications in the proper thumbnail orientation.

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Alert images are still sideways for Doorbell cam.

My notifications are still sideways too. I’m using a samsung galaxy phone.

Same here no notifications

Same thing has been happening to me.

Still sideways alerts. What is Wyze doing to fix this? Unacceptable