No notification on Iphone

All of a sudden my doorbell cam is not sending notifications to my Iphone. My indoor cam is working fine. I’ve checked all the settings and they seem ok. I noticed on the doorbell that the light flashes white several times when it detects motions. I don’t think it did that before. Previously the blue light turned white for a second and sent a notification to the phone

If this is the original Wyze Video Doorbell (v1) this is a known issue we are aware of and looking into. I do apologize for this.

But it’s been working for over a year

Can you tell me what firmware it is on, did you recently do the security update or are you on an older firmware? This could help us find if it is firmware or cloud related.

I’m also having issues not getting notifications on both Android and iOS for the v1 doorbell.

For me it started happening after the latest firmware update:

After the update, I was also having connectivity issues (not detecting motion / failed cloud upload / unable to view live), which seems to be better now after resetting the doorbell. However, notifications are still not being pushed. The notifications for our Cam v3 are working fine.

I just did it this week, I’ll bet that has something to do with it

Can you help me out with another thing we are checking? Is Cam Plus assigned to these doorbells?

For ours Cam Plus is not assigned to the doorbell.


I’m having the same problem after installing Seems like the only feature affected is no notifications being sent to my Iphone. I tried reinstalling the camera but it is still the same. My interior V2 cameras are fine. Is there a way to downgrade the firmware to a previous version ?

I’ve had notification issues on my IPhone for 4 months. No notifications from my doorbell or other Wyze Cameras. I have filed numerous support tickets with Wyze Support, with no resolution of my problems. Their response is “we are looking into this”. While I wait for Wyze Support to help troubleshoot my issue, they just close my support ticket without any further solutions or suggestions. I’ve repeated this support ticket process three times. I was suggested to unistall/reinstall a camera. Now this camera won’t sync with the Wyze base. Therefore, I’ve paid for a Wyze security subscription for a camera that won’t work. I’m totally frustrated. My only Wyze product that is working correctly is my Wyze scale. If anyone has a remedy to bring my notifications back to my iPhone, please respond.

All of a sudden it started working. Don’t know why