Wyze doorbell v2 motion or ring notifications stop

Is there a reason why my Wyze Doorbell V2 stops catching/providing motion notifications? I have to reset/restart the doorbell to get them working again but then after a few days they stop again and I have to reset the doorbell again. It’s frustrating.

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Please take some time to explore, and you’ll see that this particular issue with the video-doorbell-v2 :doorbell_v2: has been described in multiple topics. Here are two:

If I had to guess, I’d say that you’re on the latest firmware for your doorbell.

If Wyze sticks to its usual schedule, there should be an update tomorrow or Tuesday on this month’s fix-it-friday topic. Since you’re experiencing this particular issue, I recommend voting for the relevant post with a :heart: at the following link:

Doing so is supposed to give a highly-voted issue more visibility for Wyze developers to prioritize remediation, but if you read the relevant Forum posts you’ll see that this one is causing a lot of grief and frustration. Because of this particular issue, I’ve postponed updating my own Video Doorbell v2’s firmware.

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I’m only getting maybe 5% of motion events. Nothing even when I walk in front of it. Any fix yet? Or should I just return the V2 Doorbell?

I haven’t seen one, but if Wyze follows their usual routine then I would expect a fix-it-friday update today or tomorrow, and hopefully that will bring word. As for as a return goes, only you can make that decision. At least one user has reported a successful return/replacement in the Forum:

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