Wyze Video Doorbell v2 firmware - Released 4/8/2024

We are releasing Wyze Video Doorbell v2 firmware today! We added the ability to turn off the sound when the doorbell is pressed and added an option for Wide Dynamic Range. Wyze app 2.50 required for these options.

Read our Release Notes:


Doorbell v2 not giving person notifications (or anything) anymore. I’m on cam plus. No tone to indicate recording taking place, no events. I’ve updated to the latest app, dynamic range working.

Deleted and re setup doorbell and it works again. Not sure what happened as it coincided with the latest firmware update

The update kills notifications. Any way to down grade so I can have notifications back?


Another vote for latest firmware breaking notifications on Doorbell V2. Tried dealing with customer support and send log file, only scripted response that it has to be an issue with me and my settings, not possible it’s a Wyse problem. Very frustrating. Have deleted and reinstalled the doorbell several times.

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Has anyone reported a successful update that doesn’t hose notifications? Because of the problems y’all have reported here and elsewhere, I’ve been postponing this update on my own Video Doorbell v2 :doorbell_v2: so far.

No, but I’ve reported logs and Jason Jones seems to be trying to work on it. I just want a rollback to before the update.


Yeah, I wondered if that’s a possibility, too, so I checked the Release Notes & Firmware page to see if a manual download is available there (it isn’t). I’m sure Wyze has their reasons for the way they do things, but I find it somewhat curious that direct download links are available for some firmware versions on some devices but not others. :man_shrugging:

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@WyzeJasonJ / Wyze Team – is there by chance any update on the issue that’s being discuss here? Since I updated to the latest firmware over a week ago my Wyze doorbell v2 hasn’t recorded any events within the Wyze app (subscribed to Cam Plus), therefore no iOS push notifications when activity occurs.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Same issue as everyone else here. Lost all notifications with the latest update. Changed nothing but the firmware. Tech support gave all the usual steps to resolve none of which fixed it.

Why is there no method to rollback the firmware?! My doorbell is useless without notification someone is pressing it.

Just got the standard run around “our engineers will work on it. No timeframe available”

Does Wyze even test firmware before pushing it out? This is a HUGE bug!


Jesus, I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out and troubleshoot why i’m not getting notifications or recordings as well. I installed a new V2 doorbell a couple of days ago and updated the firmware as indicated by the prompt. It seemed to work initially and seems like it is hit or miss on whether or not it’s going to do anything.

At first i thought there may be a glitch with just notifications, but then noticed that there are no recordings either. I got so annoyed that i filled out return ticked for Amazon and marked it as defective. Looks like that’s not the case, and it’s a firmware & Wyze issue.

Do they not test the firmware before release to the public? This is a pretty major and obvious opps. I have 3 other Wyze V3 cams and all of them are working fine with no issues.

@WyzeJasonJ there is def a correlation between the firmware and notifications/detections/recordings as indicated by several members on different threads.

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The fact that there is no way to roll back the firmware to a previous version (like there is on some other Wyze cameras) makes this even more frustrating. The previous version DEFINITELY worked ok.

And everyone at Wyze tech support just says “engineers are working on it”. Can’t tell you the priority or an estimated time frame after turning this doorbell camera into basically a boat anchor.

Wyze really needs to implement a way for a user to roll back the firmware manually if a major bug like this is encountered.

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This might be asking a lot, but any chance you could have whoever is in charge of firmware updates send a “new” update with the previous firmware while the engineers figure out what’s broken? I’ve been sending logs in daily and sending them to you on a social media platform to hopefully help speed up the process, but I’m missing far too many notifications.

Good news, we have found what is broken and are prepping the firmware now, there will be a quick beta and then it will hit the public.


Thank you for the feedback, @WyzeJasonJ!

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Thank you wise Jason :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thank you!

Great news. How can I get that beta, since my doorbell feels like it’s in beta right now anyway?

Excellent. I hope the fix comes fast. How do we obtain the Beta fix? Anything is better than the functionality I have now.