Frequent Stopping of Event Recording and Notifications

I am a new Wyze system user and have installed the Video Doorbell Pro (installed 11/28/22) and Cam V3 (installed 1/11/23). I also purchased two annual subscriptions to Cam +. My Wyze App shows one assigned to the Doorbell Pro and the other to my Cam V3. I am pleased with the system when it is running.

A month ago I received my credit card bill for the previous month, which contained my recent Cam + subscription purchases. The record showed that I had made the following subscription purchases:

Date Subscription Amount Type Devices
1/11/23 Cam + $19.99 Annual 1
1/24/23 Cam + $3.99 Monthly 2
2/10/23 Cam Protect $39.99 Annual 1
2/17/23 Cam + $39.99 Annual 2

I then called Apple and had them delete/cancel the three erroneous subscription purchases made before 2/17/23.

Right after that I noticed that my Wyze system stopped detecting events. To get it to return to full operation I had to reset the following buttons in my Wyze App:

Video Doorbell Pro
“Record Motion Events”

Cam V3
“Detects Motion”

“Push Notifications”

When these buttons were reset my Wyze System returned to normal operation until it again stopped detecting events. This problem occurs multiple times a day and requires me to periodically check the position of these buttons during the day. The problem does not occur overnight.

The Wyze technicians have suggested things like rebooting my cameras and pushing the above buttons, which I have tried and still the problem persists.

Is it possible that I may have a subscription problem. The Apple persons I have spoken verified that I have the right settings on my Iphone, otherwise didn’t have the expertise to solve my problem.

Have there been any other Wyze System user who have had a similar problem? Is there anyone that can help?