Wyze Door Bell v2 - Events stop recording

I replaced a v1 doorbell cam with the new v2. I setup the detection settings and added an sd card. I setup notifications for persons and pets, which works fine for about a day. After which, the events stop recording and I don’t receive notifications. This occurs consistently. I turn off notifications in the app and re-enable. The notifications and recording of events then work for about a day. Any ideas?

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I solved the problem by purchasing a competitor’s doorbell that works great. I appreciate the value of the Wyze brand and will try other products in the future.

It is the same for me, but today I had it.
Someone put a needle under my tire so it would pinch when I went out… it happened. The damn doorbell didn’t record a thing.
The IP calls arrive hours later.
When someone rings it rings outside before it rings inside or in my phone…

Honestly, worse Wyze product I’ve ever tried. Now it has cost me big time.