Wyze doorbell v2 big detection problems

Installed the wired Wyze doorbell v2 but it’s detection is acting super buggy:

  1. The camera is detecting people passing by on the street, but when someone walks up to my door and presses the bell - it does not detect. This is horrible and makes the product useless.
  2. Apparently there is no notification for actually ringing the doorbell. I also checked the settings and there is no setting for ‘notify when pressed doorbell’. I have a doorbell pro and it has the option. It should be tablestakes to notify on doorbell press.
  3. Detection Zones don’t work at all. Nothing in the zone which was designated as detection area is being triggered.

Are you on the most up-to-date firmware? If yes, there’s a known issue with notifications that they’ve been “working on” since April.

I just bought this yesterday and updated the firmware the first thing. So yes?

Ok, yeah, so your options are either:

  1. Wait for the fixed firmware and deal with no notifications until then (and Wyze hasn’t given an ETA on the fixed firmware)

  2. Exchange the doorbell > force quit the app when it tries to force you to update it during initial setup > turn off auto-update (Wyze V2 Doorbell not longer recording events or sending notifications - #24 by Salor)

Personally I went with option #2. Not an ideal situation overall.

Same here. I noticed one day it was offline for 8 hrs or so then back on and i havent had any notifications at all for days. Cant they just fall back to the last firmware till its fixed. This will be the time someone steals a package with a camera that cant record