Wyze Video Doorbell v2 Beta Test 7/1/2024

Wyze Video Doorbell v2 Beta Firmware


What’s New:

  • Fixed a bug that caused events to not be recorded
  • Fixed a bug that caused events to not have AI tags
  • Bug fixes

Updated mine.

Now my mechanical chime won’t ring when someone presses the doorbell button. It worked fine before I updated it to the beta. Any way to roll the firmware back to the release version???

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Updated mine and it STILL does not fix the notification issue in the app when the button is pressed. Still the same and this is the 2nd firmware update since the issue arose that dozens have complained about. Totally spotty if I get a notification or not.

The doorbell worked flawlessly until a firmware upgrade in April 2024. Ever since then, it’s basically functionality is spotty.

Strike 2.


Just to clarify your issue, are you getting a video but no notification, or no video AND no notification?

I have continuous video recording on an SD card. That is working. I am not getting an event video clip and I am not getting a notification that the doorbell is being pressed. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t get a notification. It’s about a 50-50 success rate. Sometimes I’ll get notification 3 times in a row with 3 consecutive presses and others I’ll get no notification on the next 4 consecutive presses.

Been reporting this and sending logs and working with your customer support since April. They keep saying the next firmware fix will resolve it and it never does.

The doorbell worked flawlessly until Wyze put out a firmware update that supposedly added a “Wide Dynamic range” I think in April 2024. Never worked right again since that update.

@WyzeJasonJ anything you can do to get this truly resolved would be greatly appreciated. I’m at my wits end. My doorbell can’t be trusted to give me a notification someone has pressed it any longer. Dozens of others have the same reported issue in these forums with the doorbell after the April 2024 firmware upgrade. It’s not just me. It’s MANY others. Help!


The issue you are describing, this beta should have addressed, if you are on this beta version and still have the issue, please recreate the issue and send in a new log, tag me here and give me the log number and I will get it to the engineers to see if there is another cause we may have missed.

@WyzeJasonJ I submitted the requested log #1465176. Please keep me updated.

Thanks for beta testing. I have this same issue, and a little sad to see even the new beta is broken. :cry:

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The Mechanical chime is one of the main selling points/features… that is a little shocking a beta would break that. Hopefully they fix the DoS security vulnerability, where if you mash the doorbell button you can break the mechanical chime etc until the unit is rebooted.

It’s disappointing for sure. 2 attempts at fixing the issue created by the firmware “update” and nothing changes. I guess they are trying though?

My big issue with this is that Wyze provides no way to roll back firmware on the Video Doorbell v2 when an issue like this arises. They need to either provide that OR move much faster in fixing firmware problems inadvertently created by “updates”.

SOME of their products have a “backdoor” way of downgrading firmware to a certain desired revision as documented in their forums. They provided no such capability for the Video Doorbell v2 unfortunately.

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I can confirm, even after installing the new beta firmware on my 2 doorbell v2 units and using the beta iOS app, the notification bug is still present. Sometimes it sends a notification when the doorbell button is pressed, and sometimes it doesn’t. Unlike the one poster, my mechanical chime still works fine with this beta. Also, the new beta app has a worse UI design. I wish there was more work on functionality/reliability and less on the UI.

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And I guess it still doesn’t work with Chime V1.

I don’t have a version 2 but I wonder how long between presses? Is there some kind of cool down feature where pressing it? Once it will notify and pressing it within say 5 minutes or so it won’t send a notification?

I know there is a cool down for motion, but I don’t think there is one for the bell press. Sometimes I can hit the doorbell button first thing in the morning and hear the mechanical chime but get no notification and nothing is logged in the event log. So I don’t think it is a cool down, unless they are treating motion and bell presses the same. I don’t alert on motion at all. All I want is to be notified when someone rings my doorbell. Again it is so random, sometimes it gives a notification and logs to the event log and sometimes it doesn’t. The mechanical chime works every time the bell is pressed though. If I am not home to hear the mechanical chime, I could have no notification and no event log of the bell press (but sometimes it does work). There shouldn’t be a cool down for a bell press anyways. It is common for people to hit the door bell a couple times waiting 30 seconds or so between presses. Or things like trick or treating would be horrible if that was the case.

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My issue is exactly the same as yours. My app says there is a “5 minute cooldown period for event video clips” because I don’t have any of the premium features one can subscribe to.

However, I get the same “random” results waiting even 5 minutes between presses. As I’ve said above, I can get 3 notifications in a row and then the next 4 will give me nothing…even with waiting 5 minutes between presses.

Again, the bottom line that Wyze needs to figure out is that NONE of this happened (IE I got a notification EVERY time the doorbell was pressed) until the firmware update in April 2024. They have broken something in the firmware and the attempts to fix it so far have not been successful.

There is no cooldown between button presses. They removed this restriction last year. (December 6, 2023)

  • Fixed the doorbell press 5-minute recording and notification cooldown problem for people not using Cam Plus