Wyze Video Doorbell v2 firmware - Released 5/13/2024

We are releasing firmware version today. This fixes a bug that caused notifications to stop.

Read our Release Notes:


Thank you team! This has been a big ask from users impacted so thank you for finally releasing the fix.

Unfortunately that was a beta firmware version in a prior forum that many of us said did NOT fix the problem but they are releasing anyway. I’ve had the Beta version of that since 04/25/24. Multiple users replied in the Beta forum that it did NOT solve the issue!

Again, is Wyze even reading the feedback they ask for? I called and reported and posted along with others that the Beta firmware DID NOT fix the problem!

Wyze, PLEASE look at all your user feedback, logs, forum posts, and calls. Don’t just push out a Beta firmware version that 95% of users said did NOT fix the problem! This is getting ridiculous.

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Is anyone having success with the latest firmware update? Some people have said that there was no change.