Wyze Video Doorbell v2 Firmware Beta Test 4/25/2024


What’s New:

  • Fixed a bug that caused notifications to stop

How do I get this firmware on my doorbell so I can fix my notifications?

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you need to be part of the Beta Group. You can do this by going to the App, Select Account, then select About.

In the list you will see Beta Program, tap on that, then select edit at the Top Right. Check the device you would like the Beta Firmware for. Select Save and that should be all.

you can then go to the Device. go to Settings > Device Info and tap on the Firmware to see if there is an update. The other option is to go to the Account Tab and choose Firmware Update. You will be presented with the firmware for all your devices and the Beta Firmware for the devices you selected.

Note: you can register to be a beta tester by going here:

Become a Beta Tester – Wyze Labs, Inc.


Thank you! All setup now for the doorbell. Should I find any issues, should I relay them here?


Thanks for outlining this process, @spamoni. I’ve never tried any beta firmware, but it’s been my impression skimming some of these “Beta Test” topics that these are intended for feedback from users who try the beta firmware, in addition to being announcements. Is that correct? If so, I’m interested in what @Cloud and others might have to share before I take the plunge.

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Yea, it is intended for those that are will to test Beta Firmware and the Apps. There is an understanding that this is a beta release and not fully ready for Prime Time. Feedback is always encouraged in the beta topic area for the Beta item you are testing out.

You can always opt out of the Beta App testing by removing yourself from the role. You can also remove any or all devices from getting the Beta Firmware as well by simply unchecking the box next to the device you would not want to receive beta firmware for. However, to roll back to another Firmware version, you will need to either wait for the Prod version or do the manual roll back when available. The App can also be rolled back by downloading a previous app version from APKMirror, which is not a Wyze Site, or wait for the official release.

With that said, I have been doing the beta Firmware and Apps for sometime now. Yes, there were a few issues, but nothing that could not be corrected in some way. I have no complaints but do have an understanding that there could be problems, which is why you opted to test the beta releases.


Thanks for the explanation and for confirming (and expanding upon) some of my thoughts!

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I had high hopes for the Beta software to fix the problem. It’s better but still not quite right. I now have installed Beta firmware
I get notifications now if I press the button TWICE in quick succession. If a single press is done, NO NOTIFICATION. I’ve repeated this several times. Reinstalled the doorbell, cycled power, reinstalled the app. It’s always the same. Requires TWO presses for me close together to get a notification. Posted in another conversation as well. Using Wyze App 2.50.11 and iPhone 14. Log ID 1396808

Update: Through experimentation, I have found that the notification is coming through EVERY OTHER door bell press now. The time lag between presses does not matter. It can be 1 second or 1 minute. With this firmware, it is EVERY OTHER press of the doorbell.

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Note, it is always best to provide the App Version and Device tye you are using as well as a device log so Wyze can look into the issue and review the logs to determine the issue.

Absent of this information, it makes it a bit more difficult for Wyze to track the problems down.


Log 1396817

Notifications still inconsistent and motion/person tagging still doesn’t work.

Android (442)
Beta version


Still no fix, here’s today’s log.


Today’s log 1399446 with notifications not working correctly.

Today’s log of broken notifications.


Dear Wyze can anyone offer insight into what’s going on with the doorbell V2? Beta firmware isn’t fixing the issue as noted by others. Can we get an acknowledgement…


Today’s, notifications still broke log


I am experiencing this as well. Hesitant to get on a beta firmware if it doesn’t actually fix the issue.

I was nearing the end of my return window on Amazon so I returned it as defective and got sent a new one.

I followed the advice from Salor from this post and everything now seems to be working as intended. https://forums.wyze.com/t/wyze-v2-doorbell-not-longer-recording-events-or-sending-notifications/296772/29

It’s baffling that Wyze knows this is an issue and still hasn’t given us an option to roll back the firmware OR AT THE VERY LEAST turn off the latest firmware so new customers or existing customers don’t have to deal with a new product that doesn’t work straight out of the box.

I don’t want to come off sounding like I don’t like Wyze products because that’s not the case. I’ve had Wyze cameras for a number of years and am a Cam Plus subscriber and have touted them to friends and family for a while. But this is the kind of stuff that just grinds my gears and leaves a bad impression.

It was said in another post that Wyze needs to Wise up and stop releasing new products just to release new products. Stick to what set you apart from the beginning and target your core fan base…which is cameras. Cut out the fluff products like a scale, watch, headphones, vacuums, etc, and focus more on supporting your bread and butter items.

It should not take this long for the dev team to put a stop gap in place and rollback the firmware while they iron out the issues. Something is better than nothing. Does anyone at Wyze even use their own products or test on their own stuff before it’s released :man_shrugging:

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Today’s log of broken notifications. By the way, @WyzeAndy if these daily logs aren’t helpful, please let me know.


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Anyone from Wyze development reading this?

What’s the point of having beta testing if no one responds to reported bug!