I am a faithful Wyze products user. No real complaints until now. Major design fault in Doorbell Pro. No way to turn it on/off. The Doorbell Pro should be recalled and replaced by a new version

Can doorbell pro be turned off to save battery?

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For what it’s worth, my Ring doorbells don’t have an option to turn them on or off. Not sure about other brands, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I think standard practice for doorbell cams is always on so the doorbell always functions.

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Havent needed to turn mine off for anything. I did turn off all detection stuff and only enabled event recordings and notifications if the button is pressed. In Advanced Settings, theres a slider for Power Saving Mode. Not sure what that does but my battery indicator shows 3/4 full after 5 weeks since last charge.

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I have a front porch. Ever time I go in or out of my front door, the doorbell records it. When I am home and my family or myself is going in or out, the thing should be able to turn on/off from my phone as needed. Even if you turn off notifications, the camera continues to record movements.


The doorbell should be operational constantly and the camera should come on when the doorbell is activated or any time the owner wants the camera on.

I don’t think any of the doorbell cameras have that capability, and most people want the doorbell to record motion of people walking up or walking away.

Maybe you could put in a wishlist item for recording only on doorbell button presses?

But I don’t think the product needs to be recalled because it’s working as designed.


Anybody can see that is the way it was designed. All I am saying is that it was wrongly designed to begin with. And the way other doorbells work is of no concern to me.

Well, then, make a wishlist item so people can vote for that feature. If enough people would find that useful Wyze may take that into consideration and add it to the current product with a software/firmware update or make a new product if a firmware update isn’t possible.

But they’re not going to recall something that works the way the majority of people want it to work.

In the meantime, you should probably search out other doorbell camera manufacturers and see if they have what you’re looking for since Wyze doesn’t tick that particular box for you.


Yea my ring doorbells dont have that functionality either, and I dont mind if it records when im home. Most Wyze cams have the ability to disable event recording, and also as a rule. You could create a shortcut on your wyze home screen to disable that, assuming its possible on the doorbell. If not, #wishlist

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Id NEVER purchase a Ring doorbell. Since they are maasively trying to partner with the cops (who of course are misusing the technology and using it against people).

first was when they allowed cops to see every installation of Ring camera:

then the fiasco where the cops were basically handing them out for free, and not telling the person that they could see the any recorded video the doorbell took (cant find that link un-surprisingly). Although this is bad enough:

the day Wyze does this will be the day i take a hammer to all of my wyze stuff…

I didn’t know somebody did a survey and found out that the Doorbell works the way the majority of people want.
I guess it’s just me that thinks it should not record me everytime I walk in front of it all day long. Please excuse my ignorance.

I’ve not taken a poll personally, but yours is the first request I’ve seen for this. And your assertion that it was wrongly designed and therefore needs to be recalled is quite the leap to make. That may very well be your opinion, but it’s not the opinion of everyone.

Again, I recommend creating a wishlist item for this feature, and if it gets enough votes, wyze may look into adding it.

Complaining about it here won’t do you any good as this is a user to user forum that Wyze doesn’t actively monitor.


If what I said is the first you have heard as ti comolaints about a doorbell camera that won’t turn off, all I can say is, you haven’t explored the problem. The unit itself has an on/off switch. The problem is you can not turn it on/off from the phone app.
If you like what you have, good for you.
this story has just ended.

@billsen54 My apologies if I misunderstand what you are requesting, but based on the above quotes it sounds to me like you would like the Video Doorbell Pro to ONLY record when someone PRESSES the doorbell button, but NOT record any other time, including when someone just walks in front of it and it detects motion, etc. Is that correct? If so, the VDBPro (Wyze Video Doorbell Pro) DOES do what you are requesting. Consider changing your settings to the following:

This will make it so the VDBPro will not record every time you or your family go in or out of your front door. You can indeed effectively turn it on or off from your phone as needed in this way: just tell it not to record any motion and it will not record anything unless the button is pressed. In addition, if you just want to use it as a doorbell that you can manually stream when needed, but not ever record anything, then you can also de-select the “Is Pressed” toggle. Now it won’t ever record anything at all. It will still function as a doorbell and chime when pressed, and you can still open it and view live who is at your door if you want, but you’ll never have to worry about recordings.

It sounds to me like you probably want the “is pressed” option toggled on though, just toggle off “Record Motion Events” and you can leave notifications toggled on and you’ll only get notifications when the button is pressed and only have recordings then too. If you ever change your mind and want motion reminders (like when you all leave home for some reason), just toggle the “record motion events” back on, and it will do that while you are away from home. :slight_smile:

If I misunderstood in any way, please clarify for me, but I hope that helps and resolves this the way you were requesting/wanting.


THANK YOU for this; I’ve been trying to figure out a way to turn the doorbell camera “off” (i.e. not detect motion when we are using the front yard) and your post showed me I could set up shortcuts to toggle motion detection for the doorbell on and off. I have outdoor cams with an on/off button in the app that I was using for similar functionality, but couldn’t figure out how to make the doorbell stop recording if/when I wanted. Sorry all for the necro but wanted to add this to the thread if other users are in the same place I was.

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