Video Doorbell Pro - Provide power off features (and while charging)

The Video Doorbell Pro must be charged indoors. The Video Doorbell Pro will not turn off while charging, therefore it is recording the inside of the house and sending notifications as motion is sensed. All Wyze video products should be able to be turned off and most do, but the Video Doorbell Pro does not provide the means to do so. The problem is twofold:

  • There is no soft power off via the app.

  • The Doorbell Pro has a physical power button located on the back below the charging port, but the device powers up automatically when plugged in and long-pressing the power button does not power the device off while plugged in.


This wishlist topic requests the following changes:

  • Provide a soft power off feature for the Video Doorbell Pro via the Wyze app. This feature shall provide the means to turn the doorbell off/on whether plugged in (charging) or unplugged (mounted).

  • Allow the Video Doorbell Pro to be powered off via the physical power button while the device is pluged in (charging).

I agree. This would also probably let the doorbell charge quicker if it could turn off while charging.


My first time having to recharge after use and I came here to complain about this silly limitation for the doorbell pro. It would definitely charge faster if it stayed powered off.


My Doorbell Pro is a month old and will not accept a charge at all. Any thoughts? Software Version is 1.0.64 and up-to-date. I’ve changed cables and chargers. Nothing helps and Wyze support is sending me instructions on how to remove the doorbell from the plate etc… (no help)

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Please add some sort of power down feature that can be enabled during charging. I bought this specifically because the house we’re renting doesn’t have an existing doorbell and I needed something that didn’t need to be hardwired to function. My only complaint about it is the inability to turn it off while it’s charging.


I agree. When i am charging. I have to face the camera upside down. And to only hear it going off every few seconds. Which turns uses the battery even more. Then its charging EVEN more so bc the camera never stops! Super annoying. Its better than facing right side up. Then every sec not even a sec its clicking and turning on and recording


Yes please add an off button in the app for the doorbell pro. Not only is it important for charging but we use it on a vacation home and don’t want it constantly recording while we are going in and out. I know I can turn that off in the settings but all of the other Wyze cameras just have an on/off toggle on the homepage.


How do we turn off the doorbell pro when not in use or when charging?

On the back of the doorbell thee is a power button. 0ress and hold it until it powers off.

The button only works when the doorbell is not being charged. If you’re charging the device, there is no way to power it down because Wyze designed it poorly.

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yes correct. I used the switch to turn it off. but as soon as I plugged it in to charge it powered back on.

I did find that if I unplug the chime, it does disconnect as it seems to use the chime to get to wifi.

Once you turn off. As soon as you plug the camera to charge. It turns back on the camera.

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Dear Wyze:

Please include a power cycle function in future firmware. We want to charge our doorbell as quickly as possible, so that it can be returned to service. It does us no good sitting on our counters or desks while we wait for it to charge. The entire process of removing the thing to charge for hours compromises our home monitoring, leaving gaps of coverage that practically exceed the actual charging time, because people are busy planning important things, like carpool, grocery shopping and pub crawls. Not charging their doorbell. What percentage of time unprotected is acceptable?

So please, do this little thing and we’ll feel less like we’ve got the “less than” option, from a marginal, bare-bones design house. I remain ever-committed, an early adopter, that’s far too far along to quit now.


Yes, Wyze, PLEASE quickly provide an update! I have been trying to charge my doorbell pro for over 12 hours now. It still has no battery and keeps turning itself back on if any light conditions change and draining itself. I turned off recording, detecting, and Night Vision to stop the constant clicking, but the settings get reset when it drains itself and therefore it keeps itself in a constant drain mode while plugged in to charge!!! It had more battery charge when I plugged it in than now after I have!! Unacceptable! I have to face it at a room because facing it at the wall or on its camera make it turn on constantly. Makes no sense. Now it is trying to say “power” in a male computer voice but it can’t say the whole word or phrase because it doesn’t have enough power. Ugh. It just says “Powe” over and over. And then stopped. This is ridiculous.

Please provide a fix asap as I rely on the doorbell for alerts and deliveries and security as a disabled person. I otherwise love all my Wyze products and this doorbell (though I do wish HD was clearer)

It is disappointing Wyze can’t seem to correct this obvious problem. Or at least post a note detailing why it is impossible. Seems like posting here is a waste of time.

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Video doorbell pro “On & Off”

On & off ability like other camera’s in app would be greatly appreciated for video doorbell pro. And ability to toggle ring button from lighting up would also be greatly appreciated.

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