Video Door Bell Pro - Disable Start-up Sound

Could you please add an option that will allow us to disable/mute the start-up sound of the Video Doorbell Pro. “Bluetooth Connected” and “Connection is Completed”. The device is already setup and like the other devices I can check within the app when it is connected. The only audio needed is when the doorbell button is pushed. No other sounds needed once it has been setup.

This is extremely annoying to have a loud “Bluetooth connected… connection completed” waking me up multiple times in the middle of the night after brief power outages. Please include an option to silence this announcement. Currently it’s the only thing keeping me from 100% endorsement of the product.

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@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeShanee
Hello Wyze team,

I have been a happy user of you for years now. I have several cameras and recently I got the doorbell pro.

It’s nice. But it could be better with simple things like:

  • Allow to turn off the audio notifications from the chime (Bluetooth events like “connection completed”, etc)
  • Allow to turn off the doorbell from ringing outside our home! When a guest presses the doorbell pro outside my home, everyone hears it because it rings loud (the doorbell itself! the device with the camera hanging off my wall outside rings! this is very wrong)
  • For some reason the doorbell stops recording events and you cannot even open the camera after a while, I have to constantly reset the doorbell with a timer.

Please do those fixes. Especially the first two, they are driving me mad and I am even considering switchiing to another brand for the doorbell only.

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This woke our baby up 3 times last night. A man screaming from the hallway about bluetooth connections. What do we need to do - buy a UPS battery backup for our doorbell chime?

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I am guessing this as well as the outdoor doorbell ringing loudly OUTSIDE are both hardwired. It’s been years pointing out with no resolution.

Yes, please allow for the voice to be turned off! Brief power outage woke everyone up!

I love wyze products I just want them to admit they might have hardwired the sounds in the doorbell itself and the chime.

Just release a new model without these issues. I will understand it was hardwired and buy again.

If possible, make it so if you don’t care about the chime you can just change the front door doorbell to V2 or only the Chime for those wanting to change the chime only.

If you upgrade either chime or doorbell to V2 you don’t loose connectivity to older models ecosystem at home.