Video Doorbell Pro - Unable to add to app

I’m having an interesting issue where I can’t add my Video Doorbell Pro back to the app. I deleted it from the app, cleared cache, forced close… all that.

When I power it on and hold the button for 5 seconds, the circle blinks but the Doorbell doesn’t say anything like the instructions say it should.

My phone searches for it but can never find it (Android 14 beta/Pixel 6).

I would like to think I’m missing something but this seems pretty straightforward. The doorbell is charged. App Version 2.49.0 (b383).


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Just out of curiosity, when you deleted it from the app, was it offline or was it connected to the internet?

I know the WCO’s and Base stations lock up if they aren’t online when they are deleted, and I just learned this is also the case for some other products like the Wyze Lock. I haven’t heard of this happening with the VDBPro yet, but I am curious.

Anyway, have you tried factory resetting the whole thing, including the Chime Pro?

I think that should help. Let me know.


That was 100% the fix!

I don’t know why I didn’t do that. I thought I could just do it again and not mess with the chime. And it’s LITERALLY in the list of things to do when you add it via the Wizard.

Dear Wyze, I became a non-reading user today. I owe an apology to whoever wrote the Video Doorbell Pro Wizard instructions. You TOLD me what to do, I went past the screen and ignored it, because “I” thought I knew better. I didn’t. #TheCustomerIsNOTAlwaysRight

And to think how “close” I was to creating a support ticket? #Shame#Shame – rings bell


We’ve all done similar things! It takes a good person to own up to it. :slight_smile: I’m glad it helped though! Thanks for the followup buddy.