Doorbell Pro will not add

My new Doorbell pro will not connect when trying to add. I have 2 indoor cameras currently working. When using the app to add the doorbell it gets to “connecting to wyze cloud” in the setup process then fails. I have verified my wifi password is correct multiple time and get the same failure. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Is the chime installed? What is the status light color on the chime?


Yes the chime is installed. It blinks yellow and after putting my wifi password in the chime says “start connecting” the app changes screen but fails trying to connect to wyze cloud. Im new here and unable to figure out how to insert a screen shot of wlast message on app.

Did you figure this out? I just received my new video doorbell pro and I am having the same issue, fails to connect to wyze cloud.

Update 12/2/22: Spent the morning with Wyze support via live chat. They had me follow the install instructions a few times with no success. I tried both 2.4 and 5 ghz wifi, a different router, my cell phone with wifi off, nothing. They are now sending me another unit under warranty. I’ll update this post with the outcome for the benefit of anyone else having this particular issue.