Doorbell pro not connecting to my Wyze cloud

Has anyone had trouble connecting your doorbell pro camera?

Welcome to the community @82tony88

The Doorbell Pro connects through the Chime. Try moving the Chime a bit closer to where the Doorbell is and see if it connects then.

When you plug the Chime in, you will here it tell you that it connected to WiFi and Bluetooth, I believe.

I literally have them next to each other in a table

Have you tried restarting your Device and Powering off the Doorbell and back on?

Many times and it doesn’t connect to my Wyze cloud

I have the same issue. New doorbell pro won’t connect to Wyze cloud. Contacted support and they determined it was defective out of the box. They are sending a replacement, that was December 2nd. Nothing yet, apparently they are out of stock.

I received a second one and didn’t work as well, same issue, now i downgraded to the regular doorbell :rage: and they won’t give me credit back because my return window expired, :rage: