Video Doorbell Pro Won't Connect

My Video Doorbell Pro failed to connect on 12/11/23 after working fine for 9 months. It is giving me the following errors. Failed to Connect Code -14, Error 21022, and error IV22-20004. I have reinstalled it and was sent a new unit by Wyze and it has the same errors. I have three other Wyze cameras that work fine. I have submitted two logs and the codes to support. I have rebooted my router several times. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

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I have 4 of these deployed (one on power and 3 on battery at the same location) and no similar issues at this time.

A few out loud thoughts…
You have done the factory reset via the chime or just re-added the Camera?

Have you tried 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels?

Any possibility you are out of IP addresses?

What’s the chimes status light indicate? Is that connected? What’s the status light on the doorbell showing?

Having the same issue. So far support is unable to help with my issue. Have sent in logs and performed all the suggested ideas to fix it. Mine is just hanging up on the connecting to Wyze cloud portion of the set up. Have an Xfinity CB7 router.

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Have you had it connected before?

A test I have used in the past to rule out my local network is to use my mobile hotspot on my phone to make the connection on the WYZE device.

Yes. It was connected to the network previously, but I let the battery die and had to recharge it and it wouldn’t connect to the network after that. But it will connect to my phone WiFi. Just not my home network.

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Yup same problem here. Already did a reset and the issue still pops up.

I did a factory reset via the chime, changed wi-fi channels on the router, confirmed there are remaining IP addresses and removed and reinstalled my old and a new doorbell pro. It’s been over a month, and I keep sending logs to Wyze. They say they are aware of a problem on their end, but it’s not getting fixed. I’m about ready to buy a different brand of cameras/doorbell and start over. I loved Wyze until I ran into this issue with support.

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Do you have a support ticket number you could share with me?

Sure, my first support ticket was 3543543 which was suddenly closed last week without resolution and my 2nd ticket is 3590355.


Wish I would’ve saw this forum before I bought a wyze doorbell pro. I’m having the same issue, won’t connect and won’t update. My other wyze camera works fine.

My Wyze Doorbell Pro finally started working a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know what Wyze did to fix it, but happy that it works again!

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All wyze services are offline. This is a cloud issue at Wyze. You can’t do anything on your end to fix this issue at this time.

2-24-'24 and doorbell cam is still giving the same error message even when it is within 2 ft of the router.

Is this a new device for you or was it connected before and now it will not connect?

Do you have any other Wyze devices that are connected?

For now i am going to assume you have no other Wyze devices and this is a new device. So this is your first Wyze device that you are using.

The most common problem with devices that will not connect are.

  1. Problems with router dhcp reservations for new devices. If your router has been online for a very long time without rebooting then this could happen. So just power cycle your router. Pull power on it put it back. It will take 5min for your router to restart. And then try again.

  2. An unusual character or symbol in your network name or network password. More often it is the network name that some device do not like weird symbols in. But I have seen some issues where people put emojis in passwords or other things not found on a standard English keyboard. So that would also cause a problem.

If it is the Wyze Doorbell PRO version, the chime plays a HUGE role in the it’s connectivity. The doorbell connects to the chime which connects to your network.
I have heard of customers unplugging the chime and waiting about 10 seconds before plugging it back in. The chime should reconnect to your network, then the doorbell will reconnect to the chime. You will see an SSID broadcasting with a name like: wzap12345678 (this is your Doorbell Pro chime).
If that does not do the trick, I would log out and back into my Wyze app, and look at clearing the Wyze App cache.
Good Luck!


The front door and approx 6 other wyze cams are all connected and have been for over a year at least. This is at an animal control shelter. But only the doorbell cam had been acting up. It is on rechargeable battery but the others are direct power. The doorbell cam started not working correctly back in early November. We attributed it to possibly being cold as we are in northern Michigan. This doorbell cam and the other have all been disconnected and reconnected last in mid-january as we were in a different location for 2 weeks for building repair and only the router and 2 cameras came with us.
Thank you for replying and we will be looking into the password to see if maybe that is now different.

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We will be checking into that as well, thank you.

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I am having the exact same issue as the OP. My video doorbell bell pro will not connect. It was an intermittent issue for the past 6 months. Now I can’t get it to connect at all. I have gone through all the troubleshooting instructions multiple times.

unfortunately, unplugging the chime did not fix the issue at all. Thanks.