Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Fails To Connect When Doorbell Rings

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Fails To Connect When Doorbell Rings….

This thing works fine all other times except for when someone rings the doorbell. When they do, and you go to check it, it fails to connect and gives an error. You in turn have to force close the app, wait about 30 seconds and go back in, at which time the person is gone.
Support issued me a replacement doorbell, and it too worked fine at first, but once it updated to current firmware, it produces the exact same issue. Now I’m basically told to return for a refund and buy something else.

Here’s my situation of setup, and list of things I’ve tried without success (numerous times):

•Running on battery power since I don’t have a hardwire option.
•Internet signal is full strength on both it and the chime.
•App up to date 2.31.1 (0)
•Latest firmware version 1.0.64
•Reset and setup several times
•Cleared cache
•Logged out/in
•and everything else under the sun…

Anyone else have this issue???

And since, (even if it’s just in my case), it seems to be the firmware update causing the issue, does anyone know if this can be rolled back to the prior firmware version?

I’ve tried everything and am desperate for help in resolving this. Returning and buying one from another company is NOT an option or resolution for me.

Thanks in advance.

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I apologize for this issue you are experiencing, have you submitted any logs on this issue, if you haven’t can you submit one when the problem happens and give me the log number and time it happened so I can forward that on to the team. Thank you for your patience as we try to resolve this issue.

I have the exact same issue. Anytime during the day I can connect to the Wyze Doorbell Pro camera just fine. However, is some one rings the doorbell, the connection always fails. It doesn’t matter if I am hope or away, I can never “answer my door” via the Doorbell Pro,"

Same issue here, still. Works fine until someone presses the doorbell, then I can’t connect to the doorbell in the app. Kind of defeats the purpose. I’m unable to see who’s at the door or answer the ring. I’m on firmware version 1.0.73 (it says firmware is up to date).

Same issue here as well.
Just happened.
I’ll submit a log.

Log ID 1153315
Just happened about 15 minutes ago.

I have the same issue, it’s very frustrating, makes the doorbell useless

Were you able to resolve this issue? I am having the same problem.

No, when I reached out to support they and me factory reset the doorbell and this initially worked for about a day before breaking again. When I reached out to support they said that it was a known issue, but no eta on resolution.

I finally got mine to work properly. I just changed the password of the SSID its connected to. It used to be all small caps. Now I added a big letter, a dot, and some numbers and its now connecting to live view whenever somebody ring the doorbell. To make sure that was the problem, I put my old password back and it stopped connecting on doorbell press. This is kinda weird. I found this out because I added a bridge mode router and that router won’t let me use my usual password so I added a special character, numbers, and a big letter. So its now connecting to live view even after you ring the doorbell and so at first I thought it was a router/modem problem since its a modem/ONT given by AT&T. So I removed the router I added since I didn’t want it to be my permanent router and started looking at new routers. I had a thought that maybe its the password, so I went to change the SSID password on the AT&T modem/router. To my suprise its now connecting whenever I ring the doorbell and this is with thr modem/router I was having issues with.

My only problem here is that I have to reconnect all my smart home devices with this new password :sob:

This is kinda weird. I thought I had fixed it, actually I did at home but today I was using the WiFi at work and it has the same password pattern with just small letters and a few numbers(no special characters, or uppercase letter). Guess what, somebody ring the doorbell at home and I couldn’t connect to the live view. It was stuck at connecting and as soon as I switched to cellular data, it started connecting.

So to clarify, the bridge mode router was the issue, not the password?

I think Kevs01 is saying that if the wifi passward that the App is working on does not meet some undisclosed criteria; then the doorbell doesn’t work.

Does that make sense and can you let someone on the Wyze team know.

I’m not up for changing my wifi password. It is simple but I’m not worried about someone wardriving me and I too have many devices that would need to be updated!

It’s actually not connecting again whenever I ring the doorbell. Now I’m at a lost. I’ll try connecting my spare router back and see if it works.

I just switched to a new router instead of using my att modem and its having the same problem again. Now I’m back to square one.

Are you only having problems with the doorbell when you ring the doorbell? Can you just connect to the camera to view the live view from the camera? What’s the status light on the chime show When you’re having issues with the doorbell?

This is a forum of users, and not a substitute for the official Support folks. You need to follow the directions which were given to you when you submitted the log. Once you contact support to request assistance, then you can refer to the log number with them so they can attach it to your support ticket. An app log number is different than a support ticket number.

Directions presented to you:

I was only having issues whenever somebody rings the doorbell. Last night I turned off the firewall of my router and restarted it so then now it’s working as it should be.

I just noticed in my Ubiquiti interface that the Chime and the Doorbell are using the same IP address.
I believe the Doorbell is using the Chime as a relay, if that is true then the duplicate IP makes sense.
That also could explain why the app has trouble connecting to it when it’s activated.
Is there some kind of configuration that needs to be made to my network for it to handle this situation?