Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Fails To Connect When Doorbell Rings

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Fails To Connect When Doorbell Rings….

This thing works fine all other times except for when someone rings the doorbell. When they do, and you go to check it, it fails to connect and gives an error. You in turn have to force close the app, wait about 30 seconds and go back in, at which time the person is gone.
Support issued me a replacement doorbell, and it too worked fine at first, but once it updated to current firmware, it produces the exact same issue. Now I’m basically told to return for a refund and buy something else.

Here’s my situation of setup, and list of things I’ve tried without success (numerous times):

•Running on battery power since I don’t have a hardwire option.
•Internet signal is full strength on both it and the chime.
•App up to date 2.31.1 (0)
•Latest firmware version 1.0.64
•Reset and setup several times
•Cleared cache
•Logged out/in
•and everything else under the sun…

Anyone else have this issue???

And since, (even if it’s just in my case), it seems to be the firmware update causing the issue, does anyone know if this can be rolled back to the prior firmware version?

I’ve tried everything and am desperate for help in resolving this. Returning and buying one from another company is NOT an option or resolution for me.

Thanks in advance.

[Mod Note]: Your request was moved to this category for better visibility as it is not a request for a new Wyze product or service enhancement.


I apologize for this issue you are experiencing, have you submitted any logs on this issue, if you haven’t can you submit one when the problem happens and give me the log number and time it happened so I can forward that on to the team. Thank you for your patience as we try to resolve this issue.