Wyze doorbell pro won’t connect to live view after pressing doorbell button

I installed the doorbell a couple days ago and so far I liked it but then I am getting this issue where whenever somebody press the doorbell and you go to the app for live view, it gets stuck @ connecting.

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Same here. Once someone rings the bell it won’t connect to live view. It makes it impossible to reply to someone if you’re not home, or view who it is. Otherwise is connects almost instantly. :man_shrugging:

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I’m having the same problem. Always have, just finally dealing with it. I see this issue was raised in May 2022 with firmware version 1.0.64 and 1.0.73 and I see no resolutions or progress in the forums. I’ve submitted the issue to customer service but they seem unfamiliar with the issue. I’ve gotten the usual troubleshooting checklist items of power cycling and updating and resetting and so such to no avail. Has anyone had any progress or is it a issue of waiting for new firmware or getting a competing product? I’d hate to pull everything down and replace everything but having this issue over a year with no progress is not inspiring.

Mine still does it & I’m just tolerating it. I’ve jumped through all the Wyze hoops and it still does it. At this point I guess I’m just hoping we get enough replies here to get it addressed. Or get some firmware update that cures it🤞🏻

I have the Wyze Doorbell Pro.
I think I finally figured out something that works. I rang the doorbell while the Wyze app was open on my Android phone. It took me to a screen associated with my phone app, called “Calling Accounts” and gave me “Wyze Doorbell” as an option. It was toggled off; I toggled it on and rang the doorbell again. It called my phone and when I answered, it took me to the Wyze view of my front door/porch area with the ability to see and speak to whoever was there.

I was able to do the same. But when I pick up the “call” I still get the Wyze app trying to connect to the camera and the connection fails.

I was able to fix mine by playing around with my router’s firewall. If you mess with and make changes, make sure you restart the router each time.

I tried this with my iPhone. The video streams fine until the button is pushed. Once it’s pushed the video freezes and it’s just over a minute before it reconnects☹️

Anybody having trouble viewing live cam to google nest hub with the new doorbell cam v2?

I’m having the same problem again. I will never buy any more doorbell from Wyze. Time to look for an alternative.

I have had this same problem for months now and am looking for some sort of fix. I have an Amazon Echo Show that tries to view the doorbell cam each time it rings, but it always fails to connect. There are no problems viewing the camera before and a minute after the doorbell is rung. The Wyze app has the same behaviour. Very frustrating. @Kevs01: do you recall what you did with your wifi router firewall to get it to work the first time?

I actually set my firewall settings back to default but it wasn’t the solution that fixed my problem, I don’t know about Alexa but I reinstalled the Wyze app and its now able to enter live view when somebody rings the doorbell. The notification still doesn’t show up when somebody rings the doorbell and I think this is at Wyze’s end as there’s a fair amount of people that was having the problem after the update.

Same problem, it’s definitely an issue on Wyze’s end. I moved the Chime box liteally opposite side of the wall as the doorbell and it always works until someone presses the button and it won’t connect. Defeats the entire purpose of the doorbell, i’ll never buy another one.

Having the very same problem as described here, with both phone & Echo Show.
Posting this as an additional comment in hope that more comments gets the attention of Wyze.

This is quite frustrating as this issue pretty much makes the doorbell pro unusable without a fix. Not being able to connect to the doorbell through my phone or Echo Show when someone rings takes away most of the benefits of having a video doorbell in the first place! I’m pretty much about to give up on the Wyze ecosystem at this point.

I’m still having this same issue too. I really hate this doorbell because of this and I’d dump Wyze if I wasn’t already invested. FYI don’t dare put it on their Facebook group page as your get attacked by the Wyze groupies…they are the rudest group I’ve ever experienced. They’ll just say it’s your internet and they’ve got 27 cameras and have never ever had a single problem lol🙄

Oh, that just tempts me to post something there - polite & professional, but pointed. Thx for the heads-up.

It’s frustrating, everything works fine but it doesn’t do what it was designed for, no matter where you try to answer when someone is at the door with both phone & Echo Show, it just can’t connect, I’m disappointed in this product, I hope Fix them soon, the equipment is competitively priced but I can’t recommend it to anyone.

Just bought the Doorbell v2 to replace my first gen Ring Doorbell. I can’t believe how bad this thing is. I can’t find a way to give the doorbell press a different sound than the default Wyze sound. It will not connect to my Alexa app (says Currently Unavailable. In order to enable this feature you may need to upgrade your Wyze plan). I tried the VOIP to get the doorbell to make a different noise on my phone but I get nothing at all. I have been reading our forum for a few hours now and seeing people with all kinds of issues like mine. Some with solutions that do not work for me. How can a 10 year old Ring doorbell be so much better than this thing in ease of use, setup and function? This is insane.

I’m boxing this back up to return and buying a newer Ring I guess. Which sucks, I really wanted to stay in the Wyze family because of all my cameras, locks and power outlets.

Taking a cue from something @Kevs01 said (thanks!), I uninstalled & reinstalled the app on my phone. Phone app began working, still does a few days later.
Echo Show is still not connecting to that camera after the doorbell is rung, although it otherwise responds properly to “Alexa, show me the front door.” Disabling & re-enabling the Alexa skill didn’t help.