Wyze doorbell pro won’t connect to live view after pressing doorbell button

I installed the doorbell a couple days ago and so far I liked it but then I am getting this issue where whenever somebody press the doorbell and you go to the app for live view, it gets stuck @ connecting.

Same here. Once someone rings the bell it won’t connect to live view. It makes it impossible to reply to someone if you’re not home, or view who it is. Otherwise is connects almost instantly. :man_shrugging:

I’m having the same problem. Always have, just finally dealing with it. I see this issue was raised in May 2022 with firmware version 1.0.64 and 1.0.73 and I see no resolutions or progress in the forums. I’ve submitted the issue to customer service but they seem unfamiliar with the issue. I’ve gotten the usual troubleshooting checklist items of power cycling and updating and resetting and so such to no avail. Has anyone had any progress or is it a issue of waiting for new firmware or getting a competing product? I’d hate to pull everything down and replace everything but having this issue over a year with no progress is not inspiring.

Mine still does it & I’m just tolerating it. I’ve jumped through all the Wyze hoops and it still does it. At this point I guess I’m just hoping we get enough replies here to get it addressed. Or get some firmware update that cures it🤞🏻

I have the Wyze Doorbell Pro.
I think I finally figured out something that works. I rang the doorbell while the Wyze app was open on my Android phone. It took me to a screen associated with my phone app, called “Calling Accounts” and gave me “Wyze Doorbell” as an option. It was toggled off; I toggled it on and rang the doorbell again. It called my phone and when I answered, it took me to the Wyze view of my front door/porch area with the ability to see and speak to whoever was there.

I was able to do the same. But when I pick up the “call” I still get the Wyze app trying to connect to the camera and the connection fails.

I was able to fix mine by playing around with my router’s firewall. If you mess with and make changes, make sure you restart the router each time.

I tried this with my iPhone. The video streams fine until the button is pushed. Once it’s pushed the video freezes and it’s just over a minute before it reconnects☹️

Anybody having trouble viewing live cam to google nest hub with the new doorbell cam v2?