Wyze Doorbell Pro Connectivity Issues

I have had my Doorbell Pro for a little over a year now with no issues. Most of the time I will go into the app to check my cameras for any recent activity and to make sure everything is working properly. Just recently i noticed that the Doorbell was not connecting to the wifi (error code: IV22-20004). Keep in mind i live in an apartment so the doorbell is running off of wifi and the battery. I would take the doorbell off and power reset/delete and add it again, you know the whole 9 yards. The doorbell will connect to the wifi and start working for about 30 minutes and then lose connection to the wifi again. I have restarted both the router and the doorbell at least 5 times this week already. I submitted a ticket and someone from wyze emailed me a list of troubleshooting options that i have already done with no success.

Has anyone else run into this issue and if so, how did you resolve it?

At this point, i’m about ready to switch to Ring because Wyze is a hit or miss.

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Have this issue again for the last 3 months, was posting in another thread.

Wyze support has not been helpful at all. They just say developers are aware of the issue with no timeframe of when it’ll get corrected. Since I waited too long troubleshooting I’m now past my year mark and cannot qualify for warranty of any kind. Their response was to basically periodically turn it on and try again to see if the issue has been fixed.

I went as far as having the camera and chime in the room with the router and it still doesn’t connect. :disappointed:


Yep! Support told me the exact same thing! So, I went out and bought a ring doorbell and it’s 10x better and have not run into any issues so far! It’s a real shame because I was a huge advocate of Wyze, not anymore.

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I have had the same issue “Error code: IV22-20004”. All this week I’ve tried reseting the Chime and Doorbell multiple times even while having the chime and doorbell right next to my router. I spoke with Wyze support and all they have to say is that they are aware of the issue and there techs are on it but they do not know when they will have a fix.
Three days ago I had enough with the doorbell pro and ordered the Doorbell V2. After getting the V2 installed and dealing with another Wyze issue that they refuse to own up to (upgrading my doorbell transformer) I decided to take apart the doorbell pro and unplug the battery. I left the battery unplugged for about 20 sec reinstated everything and reconnected to the app and what do you know, It’s working again…….for now that is. I’m still going to keep the V2 as my primary doorbell and probably use the pro as another outdoor cam.
I wouldn’t recommend taking the doorbell pro apart if it’s still within warranty. Lord knows Wyze is voiding any warranty if they can.
Hope this helps out. If I start having issues again I’ll repost.


I have same issue and trying to find out how to power off and on my doorbell pro. It wont connect at all and record events. I debated which cameras and finally went with Wyze. My first was Nightowl. I wanted all my cameras to be the same.

I have all new cameras last year…disappointed this isnt working

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I have been getting the same error on my Wyze Video Doorbell Pro. It lost connection 11/22/23 less than 4 months after I installed it. I’ve been through 5 service representatives by phone and/or email. I have been tasked with watching the Known Issues forum for updates, and that has not been updated since 12/14/23 as of the writing of this post. I have been without a working doorbell cam for over a month now, which reminds me, I’m paying for Cam+ service.

I have had the same issue 3 times now in the last few months. The connectivity drops, I reboot the router, the device, and nothing works. Some random time later it comes back to life and then after a week or two, the connection is lost and the camera stops working. I pay a monthly fee for a device that doesn’t work. I’m about to bail on Wyze and go to Ring since that platform works. I guess this isn’t surprising from a company that hasn’t turned a profit yet. They hope to this year, but with crap like this that isn’t likely.

I’m honestly wondering if a class action lawsuit is something that should be started. I have asked for a refund, and was refused.

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