Doorbell cam won’t connect again

My Wyze doorbell worked well for months since I installed it. Today it lost connection. I tried to reconnect, no joy, and then deleted it and tried to reinstall. No luck. I’ve tried 50+ times to get it to connect. It actually did twice but when I tried to connect the chime the doorbell then lost connection.

I’ve rebooted and unplugged the modem/router many times. I’ve cut and retired power to the doorbell. It won’t connect. All other cameras are working. WiFi is working. Doorbell sits 15 feet from the modem/router

Any ideas?

At what point in the setup process is it having trouble installing?

Do you have screenshots?

Hello, this is where I hit a dead end. Before I deleted the camera I was getting error code 90

When you install, make sure your phone is logged into the 2.4 GHz Network if possible. Also insure you have the GPS Location Services enabled on your phone.

I checked location services and it was on. I toggled it off and back on just to try that.

Still not able to connect. I’m not sure how to insure I’m on the 2.4 g network.

I tried connecting with my iPad which has the Wyze app but no luck. I wonder if the camera needs a firmware update. But I can’t do that if it’s not showing up in my app.

Should I keep my phone near the doorbell when it’s trying to connect?

It isn’t using BLE so I don’t think it needs to be close. The network credentials are sent to the doorbell thru the WiFi when the QR code is scanned.

If you are using a router with merged 2.4GHZ\5GHz bands on the same SSID network, the router settings may have the ability to disable the 5GHz. If it is a split network, you should see the 2.4GHz as a separate network for the phone to log into.

You also may want to disable your Mobile Data on the phone in case your phone is trying to use that. That won’t work if it is doing that on setup.

Are you using the phone as the WiFi Hotspot?

I just turned off mobile data and will try that. Hotspot is off. The router/modem is older so I don’t think it has 5 g. I only see one network pop up but it won’t let me see what ghz it is.

Thank you for the help!

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I’ve tried all of these suggestions and no luck. I’ve unplugged the doorbell and router/modem several times. Deleted the app and reinstalled it.
Deleted the doorbell and trying to reinstall it but it won’t connect.

I’ve got strong WiFi signals to my other Wyze cams.

The doorbell was working fine for three months and now this connection problem. I’d hate to have to buy another doorbell and run into the same problem (?)

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Have you called (206) 339-9646 and talk to them?

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Agree w\ @tomwesty.

Customer Support may be the next step.