Wyze Video Doorbell not able to setup - not able to connect to wifi

Has anyone had any issues with successfully setting up their Wyze Video Doorbell to their wifi?

I consistently get an Connection Failed.

Long story short, i’ve done everything (reset, powercycle camera/modem/router) and I’ve called support 3 times, and they have sent 3 replacements. I’ve completed RouteThis with each support representative and they haven’t been able to find the issue.

I’m on v2.20.21 app version. I’ve changed my home network name from J_Home to JHome (removing special characters).

I have successfully set up 3 v2 cams and 1 v3 cam on this network and I have no idea, what’s wrong. Does anyone know if there are any special router settings you need enabled or disabled? I’ve tried disabling firewall,

@ ryanwong85, I have the same problem. I’m on my second Video Doorbell, and still cannot connect to my network. I have several other wyze cam items that work fine, but no the Video Doorbell.

Someone, please help us. :slight_smile:

@bertsemailbox and @ryanwong85

When I first setup my doorbell, I did it indoors. Note: This option is not to be used when doing final install outdoors, it will void warranties.

Bring the doorbell inside and on the back is a rubber seal, peel it back and you wil see a Micro USB connector. Plug a Micro USB cable into it and the other end into a wall wart providing the normal voltage. I used one of the ones which came with another Wyze Product. Once you plug it in, try to set it up that way. Be close to your router for optimal performance. Then you can perform all of the updates, tweak settings for performance, and run it for a day or so. If all of this works, then put it outside. If it stops working outside, then it could be your WiFi signal at the location the doorbell is at or your transformer does not provide the appropriate voltage / watts.

Something to Try.

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Thank you. I did try the usb connection and it still didn’t work.
However…! I just reset all my network security settings and now it works.
Thank you for your help & quick response!


@bertsemailbox when you say you resetter all your internet settings do you mean you did a factory reset on your modem and router?

Before I did the factory reset on my modem/router, I turned off my wifi on my Galaxy Note 9 phone and turned on my “hotspot” setting. The Wyze Video Doorbell connected immediately to that hotspot network! I think I downloaded the updated firmware for the video doorbell first before I disconnected it from the phone’s hotspot. After that is when I did the factory reset on my modem/router. I think the main difference was WPA instead of WPS security setting (but I’m not certain of that part).

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I did exactly what you said. Powered from USB, connected to hot spot internet. It paired instantly then updated the firmware on the wyze Doorbell. Then factory reset my router and it worked. Then I hardwired and now everything works.

Cool ! :+1: