Doorbell Cam not connecting after successful setup

Hi, I have two video door bells, they were working well until I installed the latest update … then they stopped working. I reset both to try and see if this would correct the issue. Both installed successfully but when I go to the live view of either video doorbell, I get the following message “Try to connect” Step 1 of 3: connecting camera by secure channel" … but it never connects. Error code is -27


Any way to “pull the plug” on those to force a reboot? Maybe at the transformer since they’re always powered? I assume that since you can’t connect, you can’t restart from the settings menu.

I pulled power, reset, reinstalled. all goes well until it tried to do a “secure connection” after the install is successful. The “secure connection” fails after 3 to 5 attempts.

That must be frustrating. Can you remove the camera from your account and re-add? Just trying to think of anything to try.

I assume other cameras are on your account and work fine, and the doorbell cam is the only one not working right. Meaning…it’s not a connection problem or VPN or something.

I have the same problem. It suddenly stopped working. Cycled power etc no luck. Everything else working OK. Pushing the doorbell button rings the chime ok. So it’s not totally dead.

I’d say open a support ticket or give them a call. That’s odd.

I deleted then reinstalled it and it’s working again.
Stay tuned.

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How do you re-added ? I’m having that problem right now. Some how my doorbell flashing blue LED and with “Offline status” so I thought by remove it and re-added would solve the problem but still offline so I flip the circuit breaker to re-establish the connection (Solid blue LED) but now I still cannot re-added into Wyze app. There is noway to tell it to flash “Yellow” …Any idea ? Thanks.


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Never mind, I found the reset button in the back of the doorbell and solved it. …

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To get to the reset switch you have to push up on it to disconnect it from the mounting plate. The reset switch is on the back. After reinstalling mine it worked for a couple days and stopped again. I am about to try again.

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How did you remove the doorbell? We have new wifi and need to restart but can’t get it off

Push up on doorbell. It will disconnect from the mounting plate.

Thank you! It was tough and we thought we would break it but it worked!

I should have told you that it was hard.