Video Doorbell Pro Won't Connect

I would give Wyze a call and get a ticket started. I don’t have anything else to try.


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Has anyone heard anything from support on this issue? I sent in multiple logs and support tickets about this same issue over a month ago and I haven’t heard any updates or anything. Waiting patiently with my doorbell brick.

After battery charge was low, I charged it. In reconnecting door bell, I received error code IV 22 - 20004 and could not connect. After numerous attempts, I deleted device and reinstalled door bell pro device as new. In the process of reinstalling, I made sure to select 2.4 internet connection from router. It worked. Without deleting and reinstalling, it seemed to automatically select 5 ghz which is incompatible with Wyze cams…

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I’ve had the Doorbell Pro since May 2023. Started having issues in November. Followed all the reset instructions multiple times. I could get it to work for a day or two, then in January it stopped again and stayed that way. After terrible “help” from customer service, they gave me a gift card for the price I paid for mine last year. It’s been out of stock, so I haven’t purchased a new one. A few days later, it started working after I dropped my Internet service down from 1Gig to 500Meg. As of a week ago (3/23/2024) it has stopped working again! It gives me error code 20004 as well as the Weak Signal screen for the chime. The chime shows 3 full bars and is less than 10 feet from the doorbell and maybe 15 feet from the router. I don’t know what else to do, and I see no reason to buy another of the same thing… At a loss over here! I have several other Wyze cameras and devices, all of which function with no issue.