Video Doorbell - New install - Cannot add the Chime

I’m hoping someone out there has had a similar issue and can offer guidance!

So here’s the short story - about 6 months ago my video doorbell died (no signs of power) after working fine for 6 months. After troubleshooting with support, the kit was replaced under warranty. I received the new kit and installed the doorbell with no issues. When it came time to add the chime it would time-out each time. I also tried adding the original chime that worked with the old doorbell and had the same results. I contacted support and after multiple trials and many weeks, support sent me a replacement chime. I just now tried adding the new chime but get the same result, it always times out.

I tried with the chime plugged into different outlets, including two within 10’ of the doorbell. I tried setting up using three different devices, though all android. I tried sitting a few feet from the chime and also standing 15’ from the chime.

So I’m at a complete loss. The camera is great, but without the chime… I dont know what I should do next.

Maybe it would help if I understood how the chime connects. Does it connect directly to the doorbell or is it a wifi device? When setting it up should I see my phone connect to it somehow? wifi, bluetooth, etc? Could it be an issue with the doorbell, even if the rest of the doorbell/video works fine? Could there be interference I dont even know about?

Is this the original Doorbell, not the Pro?

On the Original Doorbell, you pair the doorbell with your system, then do the following:

It should pair after that

Note: I used my Android Phone, I always have Bluetooth on and connected to my WiFi which is where the Doorbell is connected.

Here is the WYze SIte on setting up the Doorbell.

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Correct, it is the original doorbell, not the pro.

I do all of those steps, and get to “It should pair after that”, but it doesn’t. :frowning:

Couple suggestions

  1. Disconnect any other Bluetooth devices that might be paired to the phone and try again.

  2. Make sure the chime is as close as it can be to the doorbell for initial setup.

Thanks, but still the same

Thanks for the post.

After successfully setting up my Wyze Video Doorbell today, I accidentally closed the app before installing the chime. Went to back in, but the chime is not listed as a device, I couldn’t find where to add the chime.

Then I found your post.
Who would have thought a chime is a doorbell accessory :slight_smile:
Pairing the chime was easy once found where to start.

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Glad you found it :slight_smile: . You will see that a lot. A lot of the Cam v3 items are actually accessories and not standalone items.