The chime will not download

I purchased the Wyze vidio doorbell that is hard wired and got the camera all installed and set up but the plug in chime will not down load?

Do you mean the chime device will not set up?

I would contact support so they can walk you through some troubleshooting:

If the device is not functional with some troubleshooting I would guess that they should get you a replacement if it is new.

Yes, when I down load it to my phone it kept saying will not connect.
Thank you I will try calling.

Make sure to have your Bluetooth enabled on the phone and insure there are no other devices connected by Bluetooth.

OK thanks I will make sure of that.

chime wont download keep getting pairing timed out Retry

Longshot to try… Keep the phone close to the chime, but disable your Cellular Data before you install. Only BT, WiFi, and GPS.

It’s been so long since I paired the chime to my VDBv1 I don’t even remember what protocol it uses.

Thanks I will give it a whirl, nothing else seems to be working.