Wyze Doorbell Pro cant connect

Have a weird issue here. My Doorbell Pro (V1) will not show any video in the app and will not send notifications when there is motion. I also cannot get to it’s settings (as if it’s offline). However in the app it shows that it is plugged in (I have it wired to doorbell power) and when I reset the chime it says the connection is complete. When I press the doorbell button the chime does chime verifying it is connected. I’m pretty sure the actual doorbell (not chime) just needs to get rebooted, But how do you restart it or turn it off?

Also, has anyone taken the battery out of the doorbell unit? It’s the only thing keeping it powered on when I pull house power to try to get it to restart and is completely unnecessary if the unit is hard wired.


Hey James.

Here are the instructions for rebooting the video doorbell pro, found here.

How to power cycle:

  1. If the doorbell is hardwired, switch the breaker off then back on to power-cycle.
  2. Wyze Chime Pro: Unplug the chime from the power outlet for 5-10 seconds, then plug it back in.
    1. The LED should start flashing red then blue, then a “Bluetooth connected” will prompt.
    2. The LED should turn solid blue once fully connected, then a “Connection completed” will prompt.

I have, but I never tested to see if the doorbell would get power from just the transformer.

Thanks for the link. There is one important part that you left out that the link had. Step 1 is what I was missing. If you only switch off the breaker (without holding the button and hearing "power off). The doorbell just switches to it’s onboard battery.

  1. Wyze Video Doorbell Pro: Press and hold the Reset button on the back of the Video Doorbell Pro for 3-5 seconds until the user hears the “power off” voice prompt.

If you don’t mind me asking. Why did you remove the battery if you were not going to try to power it back on without it?

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Sorry about that! Missed it in my paste and clean up.

I don’t mind at all.I am extremely curious, and I wanted to know what PIR sensor was in the Video Doorbell Pro. So I cracked open the case to see if I could find some markings, not wanting to let the “smoke” out I detached the battery, broke the device completely down, then rebuilt it.

I unfortunately hit something and the device was inop. I did keep it around, which happy I did because I have 3 others of these at my home 2 on fence gates and one on my back door all using battery.

Watering my lawn one day I turned my high powered sprinkler towards the device for quite sometime and water got in the case swelling the battery . I was able to rebuild a working Doorbell from two broken ones.