Door Bell Pro (Mount and Replaceable Battery)

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

Doorbell Camera Pro needs a Compatible Mount.


DG-Direct Anti-Theft Doorbell Mount,Video Doorbell Door Mount for Home Apartment Office Room Renters, Fit for Most Kind Brand of Video Doorbell (Black) -

Doorbell Pro needs Replaceable Batteries



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I definetly agree the doorbell pro battery should be easier to change and readily available for sale. I bought mine in November and went to try to recharge when it said it was low and the thing refuses to take a charge. Like has been said, there’s no way to shut it off so not sure how it’s supposed to charge like that at least not fast or well. It seems like whomever wyze chose for their battery supplier is having issues I have seen several reports of units that won’t charge. Wyze gave me a store credit as a warranty replacement which so far so good with the new one, keeping my fingers crossed this one lasts longer than a month. I shut off motion recording hoping to make the battery last longer.