Doorbell Pro not accepting a charge

My Video Doorbell Pro is not accepting a charge. It’s been in use for less than a month. The firmware is all updated. The firmware version is 1.0.64. I’ve tried two different cables and two different chargers. Support just sends me “how to unmount and charge” instructions. Any thoughts? Ideas?

I am assuming this is using the chat tool?
I would contact support via phone.
Contact Us – Wyze


I have the exact same issue with my doorbell pro. Any resolution?

I’ve had mine 6 months and it’s has been charged twice after receiving low battery notifications but now it won’t charge or turn on. And I didn’t receive a notification saying it was low and needed charging. I hope it’s not dead. Anyone answering this thread yet? Thanks.

First time charging the Doorbell Pro and now it won’t turn on. Anyone found a solution. I’ll reach out to Wyze though. Kinda disappointed TBH

I got the doorbell pro a couple of months ago it charged up fine first time now after a recent firmware and app update it will not charge. I have several chargers that I’ve tried it with. The ring around the button goes solid white but when I check in the app for battery charge it never changes and the on off button on the back does not seem to work. Did Wyze get a bunch of bad batteries or something, cmon guys fix this I gave up a competing doorbell product that was not as nice but at least it worked for your product because I’m trying to go all Wyze in my house and this is how I’m rewarded for my loyalty. I just bought this thing, might even still be able to return it at the depot. This is very disappointing for sure.

Same thing happened to my doorbell pro. I reached out to support and they sent me a replacement well 6 months later same thing has happened to the second doorbell. I think i’m going to have to switch to another brand… I’ll be reaching out to support again to see if they will send another one. This is ridiculous…

My two cents, they got a bad batch of batteries. It would be nice if the batteries were easily user replaceable but that doesn’t appear to be the case. If you know what you’re doing you could probably change one out IF you could get your hands on the proper replacement battery.

I hard wired it and it’s working. Just can’t use it wireless… Bad batteries is def the problem!

Would anyone with a Doorbell Pro which has a dead/non-charging battery be interested in parting with it? I would even pay shipping.