Wyze Video Doorbell Pro - Battery Life

Anyone else have terrible battery life?

My Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, has now been fully charged twice in less than a month. Its supposedly has a 3-6 month battery, I can even get a half a month out of it, and no one rings my bell! I dont check it often, the active space, is only in the immediate doorway. It was fully charged 10 days ago, and now it is at 15%. This is a problem. My old Ring, had no issues lasting at least 2 months


How many events does it see and upload and how often? Do you stream from it on any other device?

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That’s why I chose the model that can use the 24vac from the original door bell

Mine lasts a lot longer since I turned ON “AI events Only” (up to 3 months battery life).
I also put up a sign that says “NO SOLICITING” right under the Video Doorbell Pro!
I adjusted back on Motion Detection Sensitivity to 2
Record when doorbell pressed ON
Record Motion Events ON
AI Events ONLY ON (this made a noticeable difference)
15 Second cool Down
30 Second Max Video Length
Now for the bad news:
You will miss some motion with these settings.
I have a Video Doorbell V1 that sits on the left side of the door that is powered 24/7.
so it catches events that the Pro does not, which is not good.
I might could go up to Motion Detection Sensitivity of 3.
People almost always press the Video Doorbell PRO button when they approach, it is on the right hand side of the door.
I am assuming you are running the 1.0.73 firmware?

Good Luck

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It can use AC power as well, but I don’t have power at that location

if it was formerly a doorbell there is/was 24vac that can be “routed” to the bell

I’m aware how electric works. I’m currently in a rental, and I’m not able to dismantle the buzzer system that is already in place.


I have a pro that I originally used on battery. With minimal traffic (when we are not in the house), it would get about 60 days. With normal traffic, about 3-4 weeks.
In the end, I switched it to DC power by extending the old doorbell wire around the door frame; not great but it works. For my other doorbell, I bought a plug-in transformer and ran the tiny wire along the inside frame and through a small hole.
In any case, your battery life sounds short, but depends on traffic through the doorway, more than how often you check it.

So, I finally got around to looking at the settings.
My settings were:

Detection sensitivity 3
Detection Zone: ON ( just the immediate area)
Notifications: Off, except; Only if bell is pressed
Event recording, AI Events Only
Cool down: 15sec
Max Video 30sec

I still only get less than a half a month.
I live in the city of Chicago, people walk their dogs, and pass by the house.
Even with a lot of detentions the advertised 3-6 months, should at least last 1 month!
Not 10 days

I never look at it, I don’t use it to monitor the front, I have another camera for that.

Has anyone tried this: Since Wyze does not make one compatible for the doorbell pro.

Wasserstein Solar Panel - Compatible with Wyze Video Doorbell Pro


I knew of someone who said they did. I didn’t really ask them many questions about it though.

Keep in mind that, technically, using the USB port on a video doorbell voids the warranty. The rationale behind this is that Wyze can’t guarantee the IPxx rating, but I believe Wasserstein made the connection weather-resistant. So it may technically void the warranty, BUT it is likely safe and effective because of the good design.

It can still depend on how much traffic you get to your front door, but I am sure this helps a lot.

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I assume you have tried the “Power Saving Mode” under Settings, Advanced Settings? May try backing the Motion Detection Sensitivity down to 2 for a trial basis.

Yes, but i dont see any difference

We’re in Chicago too. I turned the settings down and it went from 100% to 90% during the week that was extremely cold in January. The only issue I had was when it was way below 0F it intermittently lost WiFi for short periods of time but it may have been a chime issue too. I moved the chime closer and it’s been ok since. I was thinking the WiFi range dropped with the cold.

During regular winters I expect to have it go for a month at least with a full charge. Maybe yours has a bad battery?

Detection setting: low
Record for all detection
Notify only when button pressed (I have another pan v3 above that records full time.

I’m very happy with the battery life. Unlike Ring that would die within a day of cold weather.

3+ months. I’m using AI only, (Person and Package) Sensitivity 3, 60 seconds, NO Cooldown (it will stop on its own when activity stops and I don’t want to risk missing something that could be critical), I do have a Detection zone set to avoid street traffic. I set this up on Nov 10, 2023 and I’m only now down to 4% and need to charge so that’s over 3 months with these settings.
Are you able to set a detection zone to remove unwanted areas? My advantage is that I have CAM3’s and Pan’s in every window, along with Outdoor Cams and Battery Cams so I have overlapping coverage everywhere on my property and can reduce my doorbell detection area to basically just my porch.

My detection zone never worked, still doesn’t. It captures everything in and outside of the area. I posted here with a video and no one could help.

When I first got a bit over a year ago the first charge lasted 3 month … with a decent period of below zero temps. The battery kept getting shorter and shorter. Charged on 1/1; was down to 14% in only 12 days; charge again 0% in 12 days; down to 20% in 9 days. Doing OK this cycle, but still not what I’d expect after only a year.

I’d do with wired if I had a choice, but there’s no wires or transforer to allow that.

Good to know. I’ll continue to monitor and update if I see similar drops in battery. Like you, I too have no choice but to go with wireless so it will be a major bummer if the battery life drops like yours has. I really like the doorbell so far.

Hi nash123. I don’t know if this will help or if you’ve tried this but for over a year I had several cameras that detection zone didn’t work. I only use it on some of mine so it could be all of them. I decided to try a reset to factory on the ones I use it for and reconfigured from scratch and they’ve been working ever since. Worth a try? Maybe try it on one first so you don’t waste a bunch of time but it did work for me. Good luck!