Doorbell Pro Battery Life Very Poor

We recently starting using our Wyze Doorbell Pro and we have been really disappointed in the battery life. After a full charge the battery only last 3 days. It’s advertised as having a 4-6 month charge life. We have tried lowering all the settings and sensitivities and still end up with the same result. Is this a known issue with these? If this is the case it’s basically useless.

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Sorry to hear that this has been your experience thus far with the Wyze Doorbell Pro.

I have three of these devices deployed in my residence with two being on battery and have not had the same experience. In fact I have not charged the 2 since Oct/Nov and they still have a fair amount of battery.

I would say first make sure you have the latest Firmware installed on the doorbell pro.

Power down the device and give it a full charge

Redeploy and monitor

Should this excessive drain continue I would then contact Wyze support.

I have posted my settings below as a reference

I do not have a lot of traffic in the areas where these doorbells are, but even with the highest of traffic you should be getting way more time than three days.

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Good evening, Jandig.

Do you have Power-Saving Mode enabled? It’s under Advanced Settings.

I’ve only had my doorbell cam for a couple of weeks, not all of which is in Power-Saving Mode, but it looks like I should be able to get a couple of months out of a charge if I keep Power-Saving Mode on (but 4-6 months?.. ehh… probably not). We don’t get many visitors, here.

If you want to continuously monitor your doorbell cam, then yeah, it does seem like it’ll suck down the battery pretty fast. I’ve given up on being able to do that, in favor of longer battery life per charge.

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I use power saving mode too on my Doorbell Pro, and it seems to last over 2 months.

I have the video doorbell pro on my back door and admittedly it’s in a very low traffic area but I charged it up in June of 2022 and as of May 8th of 2023 it still has a 32% charge left. It will easily last one year or more. I’ve had motion detected for a couple of spiders, a small bird, squirrels on my deck, and occasionally lawn care people. Once in a while I check the video to make sure it’s still working. I don’t know what is causing your issue but I believe some people constantly monitor the video like you can on the v2 or v3 and the video doorbell isn’t made for that. The video should only come on when motion is detected or the button is pressed.

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I dont even use power saving and it lasts at least 2 months. Maybe a defective battery?

My newer outdoor Battery Cam Pro drains a battery much faster than the Doorbell Pro.