Battery doorbell pro

We just recently bought the Battery doorbell pro for the reason of the battery. The site says it will last 3-6 month with normal use. When I got the doorbell I charged it for pretty much an entire day. When I mounted it, it was at 100% it’s now been a less that a week and it’s at 47% what an I doing wrong I have it setup to only give notifications for people and packages. So it’s not going off all the time to try and conserve battery but it’s seems to not matter. There’s no way I’m even making it to the month mark without out having to charge it. What should I do any suggestions will help

Try turning down the sensitivity and setting a detection zone.

When you enable notifications for only people and packages it still has to record and upload those videos so the AI can analyze them, so battery is still going to drain fast.

I turned the sensitivity down and set the detection zone only to our porch but it’s still draining the battery

If you check in the event tab at the bottom of the app, how often are you getting events? Are many of them false events?

Very rarely only when someone is pretty much at the front door and no false events

Are you viewing the livestream often / for an extend period of time? This can cause the battery to drain faster than normal.

If you have not contacted the support team I would try that route. It sounds like you may have a defective unit.

I have had my battery doorbell pro for 2 years now and have not experienced battery drain to that degree.

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