Video Doorbell Power Button On/Off Feature

I would like to see the Wyze Video Doorbell have a simple " Off " feature / " power button " much like the V2 cams etc… right there on screen as viewing live feed. Some way to turn it off so even if push notifications are off it still is not triggering and recording while you are working on your porch.

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In the meantime, you can disable “event recording” in the camera settings manually, or make a shortcut. That will disable event clips from saving to the cloud if you are working on your porch. You could keep notifications enabled through this, as you won’t get any notifications since notifications are generated when events are saved to the cloud.

To disable “event recording”, what do i do ? Just turn off schedule from “All Day” and select and save alternative times ?

Turn the motion detect slider on the “event recording” page off.

I just made a post about this. Makes no sense they would leave this simple feature out when all the other Wyze cams have it.

I wish there was a way to turn off the doorbell cam like you can on all your other cameras. Not sure why you left this feature out. Comes in handy when your gonna be working around the front of your door so you won’t keep getting notifications. A simple on/off toggle like you have on all the other cameras would be great.

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Am I missing something or is there no on/off toggle to turn off the doorbell camera like all the other Wyze cameras have? I love this feature on the cameras if I going to be doing stuff in front of them for a while and can just toggle it off so I won’t be getting notifications every 5 seconds.

For the doorbell there is no on/off button like the others. Have you tried making a shortcut to disable motion detection and a shortcut to enable motion detection for the doorbell while you are working out front? That might be your best way to combat hundreds of motion alerts. :slight_smile:

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There needs to be a way to manually (physically) power off the video doorbell so that it will reconnect to Wi-Fi. It is very inconvenient (and downright broken if we’re not home) to have to reset the circuit breaker to make the doorbell reconnect to the router.