Feature Request - Motion Detection on/off toggle

Just installed the new Wyze Doorbell pro. I’m very satisfied with the quality of this product.

Just wish there was an easy way to deactivate motion detection when I go in and out. I went through the rules and the only workaround I found was to set 2 shortcuts, to activate and deactivate motion detection. But now I incur the risk of pressing the wrong shortcut or forgetting to activate it as there is no way to tell which shortcut was last interacted with.

Of many ways to address this issue, the most helpful would be a toggle to know whether motion detection is on. Or have a new type of rule that can toggle an action on/off that is not reliant on time or any other factor. With my other Wyze cameras, I just switch them off but that is not possible with the Wyze doorbell pro as I would have to deattach it to press the power button.

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Welcome to the user-to-user forum @zeca !

A cool rule for a shortcut would be one that could turn a camera’s detection off for a couple minutes, then automatically turn it back on. I don’t think that has been suggested yet. Maybe something for a Wishlist item, as requests out in the general forum here have little power. I’ll post a link to the Wishlist below.

I get flooded with alerts when I drive away. Two cameras and a motion detector see me. I use the flood of alerts as a confidence test that everything is working, and I just let the notifications evaporate after 2 weeks. :slight_smile: