Arm disarm

I know this might be a dumb question. But how do I arm and disarm the camera. It seems obvious but I just can’t find information how to do that

Can you be more specific about what you mean by arm/disarm? You can turn the camera on/off via the More menu on the live stream view.

How do I turn on motion detection. How do I turn off motion detection thank you for your help

Hello, @jjl290

Perhaps the article below will answer your question(s):

If not… let us know.

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So I turn detection Zone,then wyze will detect motion. Turn off the detection zone to stop picking up motion. Correct ?

I found the following by clicking the “Support” link at the top right of this page, and then searching for “detect”. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


I found these very helpful:

There may be some subtle differences due to the version change, but the majority of the basic information is the same.


I’m guessing there is no simple way to turn motion detection on or off. I have Arlo Pro cameras and it has a feature to arm or disarm which basically means picks up motion or doesn’t pick up motion. My question on how to do this with the Wyze cam continues to go unanswered

@jjl290 Actually, the first link I posted for you contains the answer.

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The YouTube video you posted has nothing to do with arming motion detection and disarming motion detection. Don’t get me wrong I do appreciate your help very much. The only way I found so far is using ittf

Post again please not seeing it I only see one YouTube video and it’s an introduction video

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Scroll up above Overwatch’s reply. I didn’t post the YouTube link.

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The Youtube link is a complete series on how to’s.

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If you go to the app on your phone etc then select the device you want to enable/disable motion detection on.
When you see the live stream in the top right corner there is a cog wheel, click that then select event recording.
You can then set a schedule to be all day or only certain times. You can also set motion or sound detection on/off here and if you want a push notification or not.


I see what you’re talkin about thank you for your help making a shortcut on the home screen to arm and disarm detection would be very helpful

Well, some people want to turn the camera on and off from the main screen while others want motion on and off. The solution is to create your own shortcut.

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Okay I understand I made the shortcuts thanks for your help appreciate it


I created a shortcut called Home which turns off notifications and motion detection and a shortcut called Awsy which turns on notifications and motion detection. You can customize the shortcuts to specific cameras.

Thanks I have to try that out how did you do it